Roon Server, now on QNAP and Synology

 The Roon ecosystem includes rich control apps for iOS and Android, and allows streaming to many different types of audio hardware. The one thing we keep hearing is that users wish they had more options for where to run their Roon Core. Today, we’re proud to announce Roon Server for compatible QNAP and Synology NAS devices, which means you can enjoy the Roon experience without a PC!

For users with a high-performance NAS, it’s now possible to combine content storage, backup, and Roon Core on a single device.

This announcement is a first in more ways than one… It’s the first time we’ve collaborated with a member of the Roon community!

Chris Rieke had started working on the Synology version of Roon Server on his own, so we contacted him and arranged to work together on these projects. Chris will be involved in the maintenance and support for both of these NAS packages in the future.

Which NAS is right for me?

NAS devices come in many shapes and sizes. Just as it’s important to pay attention to hardware specs when choosing a PC, you’ll want to be sure the NAS you choose has the performance necessary to run Roon Server now and in the future, as we add even more features.

Any NAS with a 64-bit Intel CPU is compatible, but to get the best experience, we strongly recommend a top-of-the-line (Core i3 or i5) NAS with expanded RAM (4GB or more). Detailed information about which NAS products are supported and how to install Roon on your QNAP or Synology NAS are available on our Knowledge Base.

As always, we want to hear how Roon is working for you. Have a comment, a suggestion, or just want to share the love? Drop by our community site and say hello!