Roon Partner Update: May 2023

It’s been an eventful month for us here at Roon! We’ve certified a very exciting anniversary products, highly capable network bridges, powerful DAPs, and some impressive AVRs. Whether you’re enjoying some serious HiFi at home or jamming on an international flight, chances are this update is for you. Let’s get this show on the road! 

For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Sony – STR-AN1000, STR-AZ1000ES, STR-AZ3000ES, STR-AZ5000ES, STR-AZ7000ES – Roon Tested

Sony - STR-AN1000, STR-AZ1000ES, STR-AZ3000ES, STR-AZ5000ES, STR-AZ7000ES - Roon Tested

There’s a lot to be excited about in the latest AVRs that Sony has arriving this Spring. From efficient 7.2 channel home theater solutions all the way to impressive 13.2 channel powerhouses, there’s no doubt that there’s a perfect resolution ready to bring 8K video and High-Res listening to your system. Thanks to certified Roon Tested streaming via AirPlay, convenient controls for a myriad of inputs and outputs, including HDMI 2.1, an FM tuner, even support for Sony’s wireless rear satellite speakers, all in place to make bringing the theater into your home that much more convenient. 

Platin – Stereo Hub- Roon Ready

Platin - Stereo Hub- Roon Ready

The Stereo Hub is a capable and discreet network bridge that’s designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing Platin network listening system. With inputs ranging from HDMI ARC, USB and Optical, all the way to traditional analog inputs, this is the best and easiest way to adapt your whole home setup for streamlined and modern streaming. With support for resolutions up to PCM 24/192kHz, and streaming support for Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and of course, Roon Ready. Don’t miss this capable streaming solution for your Platin system! 

Astell & Kern – SR35- Roon Ready

The SR35 is a robust digital audio player encased in a beautifully designed chassis, perfectly situated to be the ideal solution for your mobile listening needs. With battery life that reaches 20 hours of continuous playback, two-way Bluetooth, a high-gain for harder to drive headphones and a powerful Cirrus Logic quad-DAC chip to back it all up, Astell&Kern have established a real winner for streaming on the go. Native Roon Ready streaming makes accessing your entire music library a snap, and cementing this DAP as one to consider next time you need music on the go. 

Bluesound – NODE X – Roon Ready

Bluesound - NODE X - Roon Ready

To celebrate ten years of HiFi streaming excellence, Bluesound has announced the limited edition NODE X, a network DAC and bridge based on the award winning NODE. With a highly capable headphone amplifier, an eye-catching new color scheme, and all of the familiar features that make the NODE already great, this is a victory lap from the team at Bluesound that we’re proud to include in the Roon Ready family. Thanks to streaming integrations with just about every music platform you can imagine and a massive selection of outputs on deck, this is the perfect all-in-one home for your music streaming needs. 

AVM – EVOLUTION MP 5.3/ 3.3, EVOLUTION PAS 5.3/3.3 – Roon Ready

AVM - EVOLUTION MP 5.3/ 3.3, EVOLUTION PAS 5.3/3.3 - Roon Ready

AVM has brought some truly impressive HiFi players to the table this spring in their EVOLUTION lineup, each proudly showcasing Roon Ready streaming with high resolution format support that will be a compliment to any home stereo system. Featuring the ability to play ultra-HiRes files all the way up to PCM 32/384kHz and DSD256, you and your system likely won’t be needing anything more. Choose from the EVOLUTION MP 3.3 or 5.3 and you’ll be treated to an impressively crafted CD player alongside all of that streaming prowess, while the EVOLUTION PAS 3.3 and 5.3 focus on immaculately delivering your streaming experience with specially designed multichannel playback support as icing on the cake. 

AVM – CS 30.3 – Roon Ready

AVM - AVM30  AS 30.3, CS 30.3, MP 30.3 & PAS 30.3 - Roon Ready

AVM is also introducing an exciting new streaming amplifier this month, the CS 30.3 which arrives featuring Roon Ready streaming. This all-in-one integrated amplifier will easily cement itself as the central piece of any stereo system you connect it to. Crafted with attention to detail, this amplifier offers more than just exceptional audio quality. The AVM RoomConneXion® multiroom function allows you to enjoy synchronized music in multiple rooms, while its capable internal DAC offers support for PCM files up to 24/192kHz and DSD256, with inputs that include HDMI ARC, USB, Toslink, and Coax. Thanks to various streaming integrations, such as Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Tidal Connect, and streaming radio, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and access to a vast library of songs right at your fingertips. No matter your specific listening need, chances are AVM has the right solution for you.

FiiO M15S – Roon Ready

FiiO M15S - Roon Ready

When FiiO was designing the M15S digital audio player, they absolutely didn’t hold anything back. Starting with the flagship ESS9038PRO DAC chip, you can see an intense desire to ensure this DAP will impress, especially as you note the powerful Qualcomm 660 chipset and the impressive high-performance built-in headphone amplifier. Integrated Roon Ready streaming and access to Android apps make choosing your preferred streaming solution easy, and when it comes to streaming on-the-go, there’s nothing better than ease and simplicity. 

Roon Partner Update: April 2023

We’ve been busy this month here at Roon! Tons of new and exciting products to highlight, from DIY DAC solutions to music servers, speakers, and amps.

Our partners have something for just about everyone, no matter what type of audiophile or hobbyist you may be. Time to check these components out! 
For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Rotel – P5 Series 2, X3 Series 2 & X5 Series 2 – Roon Tested

Rotel P5 Series 2 is Roon Tested

A big update has just been released from our friends at Rotel, who are bringing the latest in their developments to their Michi series lineup. This includes the P5 Series 2 preamp, and the X3 Series 2 and X5 Series 2 integrated amplifiers. These are some seriously capable devices, packaged in beautiful hardware that would be at home in any system. 

Rotel X3 Series 2 is Roon Tested

The P5 Series 2 is a specially crafted preamplifier built specifically to compliment other components in the Michi lineup, or high-end power amplifiers already in your system. The X3 Series 2 is a capable 350 watt integrated amplifier with connectivity and prowess to spare, while the X5 Series 2 is the flagship integrated amp, boasting an incredible 600 watts per channel of output. Each of these devices in Rotel’s Michi series offer fantastic Hi-Res capabilities, with support for resolutions up to 32bit/768kHz PCM, and inputs that cover just about any need, from Phono to USB to optical and fully-balanced XLR. Any of these impressive components from Rotel could be an excellent compliment to your favorite listening setup. 

Rotel X5 Series 2 is Roon Tested

Orchard Audio PecanPi – Roon Tested

Orchard Audio PecanPi are roon tested

The perfect finishing touch for any Raspberry Pi DIY streamer, Orchard Audio has nailed the basics when it comes to delivering an affordable, high quality digital audio experience for audiophiles everywhere. Integrated dual flagship Burr-Brown (TI) PCM1794A DAC chips give reliable and exciting acoustic performance, and support for Hi-Res files up to 24/192kHz. For anyone looking to complete their own all-in-one streaming project, this is the perfect DAC for you. 

Orchard Audio PecanPi+ – Roon Tested

Orchard Audio’s flagship Raspberry Pi oriented DAC, the PecanPi+ builds on the fundamentals found in its sibling, packing an even bigger punch. Using the AKM AK4499EXEQ chip and AK4191EQ ΔΣ Modulator, this DAC offers spectacular performance, easily managing Hi-Res files all the way up to 24/192kHz. This is among the best of DIY streaming solutions available, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy it as a capable compliment to your next handmade HiFi project.

McIntosh MDA200 – Roon Tested 

McIntosh MDA200 is now Roon Tested

We’re excited to announce that the McIntosh MDA200 is now Roon Tested! This cutting-edge device delivers high-performance digital-to-analog conversion and amplification, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in stunning clarity and detail.

The MDA200 features McIntosh’s proprietary Digital Engine, which uses a powerful quad-core digital signal processing engine to support high-resolution PCM and DSD files, as well as MQA decoding. It also includes McIntosh’s iconic amplifier technology, delivering 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 320 watts per channel into 4 ohms, with a total harmonic distortion of 0.005%.

The MDA200 offers a variety of input options, including USB, coaxial, and optical, and can be controlled using the front-panel touch screen or via the McIntosh iOS app. With its superb sound quality and a versatile featureset, the McIntosh MDA200 is a must-have for any serious music lover.

Sound Machine SMC-5800 and SMC-5820 – Roon Ready

Sound Machine smc 5800 is roon ready

Introducing the newest addition to the Roon Ready family of speakers, Sound Machine. Both the SMC-5800 and SMC-5820 offer Roon Ready streaming for perfect integration with your existing listening system, and in the case of the SMC-5800, inputs like HDMI e-ARC, S/PDIF coaxial, analog and USB bring a wide spread of easy ways to hear your music and movies. The SMC-5820 brings powerful and super compact performance, with additional inputs that include Bluetooth, Aux-in, and USB. Each of these speakers are a great new piece to bring to your favorite Roon Ready home set up, and can make whole home listening that much more convenient.

Melco N50 and Melco N1- Roon Ready

Melco N50 is Roon Ready

With a strong reputation for building capable and high-performance network servers for music, it should be no surprise that Melco’s N50 and flagship N1 models are spectacular examples of what a server can be. The N50 features a full-size chassis and a 3.84TB SSD for music storage, with 4 USB ports for connectivity, you’ll be able to bring Roon Ready streaming to any of your favorite USB DACs and easily store your whole library at the same time. 

Melco N1 is Roon Ready

The N1 is Melco’s top of the line model, with a specially crafted aluminum enclosure and isolated IEC power supply, nothing is left untouched – ensuring this server is always performing at its absolute best. With a carefully selected 3.84TB SSD, 4 USB ports, and ethernet connections specially set on exclusive circuitry, this is a top-notch addition to your very best listening system. 

Dela N50 – Roon Ready 

Dela N50 is Roon Ready

This high-performance network server from Dela is designed to give you a storage solution that’s custom tailored to your needs. With 4 USB ports, connecting your favorite DAC or music storage hardware to the N50 is a cinch. As you evaluate your music library needs, you can choose whether your N50 has a 2TB SSD or up to a whopping 6TB of HDD storage built in, all while supporting additional storage as needed. This is a spectacular network server that’s a great fit for any audiophile looking to upgrade their storage game. 

Lumin U2 – Roon Ready

Lumin U2 is Roon Ready

The brand-new LUMIN U2 brings a huge spread of upgrades from its predecessor, including chassis construction methods, linear power supply design and dual-network from its bigger sibling, the award-winning LUMIN P1. With careful consideration put into each and every component found throughout the U2, this very well could be the ultimate Roon Ready network streamer for your next system. This transport supports resolutions up to DSD512 and PCM 32/768kHz, and can stream from services such as TIDAL, TuneIn, and Qobuz. The U2 also includes a large suite of outputs, such as USB, TOSLINK optical, coaxial S/PDIF, and AES/EBU. When completing a high-end listening system, this very well could be your final stop for network streaming. 

For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Roon Partner Update: March 2023

It’s been an eventful month for us here at Roon! We’ve certified some exciting anniversary products, brand-new music servers, and highly capable integrated amplifiers. No matter what kind of system piques your interest, chances are good this update has something for you. Let’s get started!

You can read all about them in our latest partner update below. For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

audiolab 9000A

audiolab 9000a roon tested

Building on 40 years of expertise and performance heralded by its flagship predecessor, the audiolab 9000A brings power and capability to the heart of your stereo listening system. Enjoy its high-resolution, full-color display with myriad of views available, from resolution data to dynamic VU meter designs. This integrated amplifier’s plethora of inputs, from USB to Toslink S/PDIF, make establishing a complete system easy, and its powerful internal DAC can handle PCM (including MQA) tracks up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD tracks up to DSD512 with aplomb. An impressive 100-watt per channel Class AB amplifier makes sure that your speakers are never wanting more power.

audiolab 7000A

audiolab 7000a roon tested

The audiolab 7000A brings much of the capability and prowess of its siblings into a sleek, compact chassis and more affordable price point. With an impressive Class AB power output of 70 watts per channel, this amplifier can handily manage your favorite speakers without any trouble. You’ll find connectivity is a breeze, thanks to HDMI ARC, optical Toslink, coaxial S/PDIF, and USB ports all conveniently packaged inside of this amplifier. Those digital inputs are paired with a powerful ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip, which tackles ultra Hi-Res streaming and MQA files with aplomb. Whether big or small, this is a spectacular integrated amplifier for just about every need.

Dela N1

Dela n1 is roon ready

The N1 is the latest development in a growing history of powerful and capable digital music servers from Dela Audio, with simple integration for importing and managing your music library. Ethernet connectivity makes streaming your music simple and easy, while a broad selection of USB and AES ports gives you plenty of options for accessing your favorite music. Featuring Roon Ready streaming, you can also use your N1 as a potent Hi-Res network streamer in addition to storing all of your music, making for a spectacular and robust listening setup for those looking to store their large digital music libraries.

LEAK Stereo 230

LEAK stereo 230 is roon ready

After creating the class-leading topology housed inside of the Stereo 130, LEAK Audio has upped the ante with their Stereo 230. With more power and upgraded functionality, this is the perfect integrated amplifier for the audiophile who just needs more from their listening system. WIth a chassis that exudes timeless vintage style married to a broad collection of digital inputs, including HDMI ARC, optical Toslink, coaxial S/PDIF, and USB, you’ll have the looks you love with the connectivity you need on command. An impressive 115 watts per channel of power will drive your favorite speakers with ease, and analog inputs that include Moving Magnet Phono will make integrating your best components a cinch.

PIEGA connect plus

piega connect plus is roon ready

The PIEGA connect plus introduces Roon Ready streaming and wired connectivity to your PIEGA wireless speaker system. Featuring built WiFi networking, this network streamer has a broad selection of wired inputs, from Toslink optical, HDMI ARC, coaxial S/PDIF, to USB – all for added convenience in your wireless PIEGA speaker setup. Enjoy easy control via the PIEGA control app, which includes native Spotify Connect, Chromecast, AirPlay, and Roon Ready streaming all in one simple hub.

NAD 3050 LE

nad c 3050 is roon ready

This is NAD’s way of celebrating 50 years of innovation and refinement as a stereo amplifier manufacturer. Featuring specially integrated HybridDigital UcD amplifier technology inside, fully functional analog VU meters, and all of the convenience you could possibly need in the form of network connectivity powered by BluOS. You’ll love the easy, HiRes streaming capability the C 3050 LE has on offer, with support for resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz and MQA. This stereo amplifier is clearly built to be the centerpiece of just about any HiFi system, and its classic good looks cement it as the perfect upgrade piece that nearly every audiophile is looking for.

Roon Partner Update: February 2023

It’s been another busy month as we welcomed an array of new network players into the Roon Ready family from Cambridge Audio, FiiO, NAD, Primare and Volumio.

You can read all about them in our latest partner update below. For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio MXN10 roon ready


The Cambridge Audio MXN10 Network Player brings the world of Hi-Res music to much-loved hi-fi set-ups and other audio systems with total ease. Thanks to its compact, half-width footprint, placing this network player in your system is a cinch. The MXN10 can stream Hi-Res music natively, via Roon Ready streaming, and even play your music that’s stored on USB and NAS drives too. You can conveniently control this network player with Cambridge Audio’s StreamMagic app, or from the native app of your preferred service.

Cambridge Audio AXN10 Roon Ready


The Cambridge Audio AXN10 Network Player  is the perfect piece for bringing a spectacular streaming music experience to your Hi-Fi system, taking you far beyond your prized collection of discs. In addition to integration with all of the best-known premium subscription services, AXN10 has stacks of free options, such as internet radio and even Bluetooth. Thanks to Cambridge Audio’s streaming know-how, you’ll soon be enjoying high-quality music easily from a variety of sources via their StreamMagic app, Roon Ready streaming, or through your preferred service’s own native app – the choice is yours.

FiiO R7

Fiio R7 Roon Ready

FiiO is arguably one of the most exciting audio brands in the world right now. The Fiio R7 – their first ever desktop grade digital audio player – is only set to raise that reputation even further. 

The R7 is built on impressive foundations – under its sleek black exterior there’s a wealth of top-level hardware, including a premium Sabre DAC chipset, an 8 core Snapdragon SoC, and an exhaustive set of input and output options. Amplification comes from dual THX AAA 788+ desktop-grade chips, meaning there’s enough punch to handle even the most power-hungry headphones. Combine this superb quality build with great useability and Roon Ready capability built-in, and the Fiio R7 represents a truly complete all-in-one setup for premium desktop listening.


NAD CS1 is Roon Ready

The NAD CS1 is a super flexible, super compact network streamer that delivers classic NAD looks along with their trademark high-performance sound quality. Analogue and digital audio outputs make the CS1 an easy solution for integrating streaming into any home HiFi setup. You get Roon Ready playback built in up to 24 bit / 192khz, and plenty of other playback options besides – with both Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2 support provided as standard.

Primare I25 Prisma, I35 Prisma, I15 Prisma Mk 2

For three decades, Swedish HiFi manufacturers Primare have been instilling Scandinavian principles of design quality and aesthetic into every one of their beautifully produced audio products. We’re delighted to welcome three new Primare devices into the Roon Ready family.

Primare I25 Prisma

Primare I25 Prisma is Roon Ready

The I25 Prisma is a modular integrated amplifier and network player that offers serious power alongside truly versatile control. For the I25 Prisma, Primare have combined their DM35 DAC and SM35 Prisma network player with their award-winning I25 integrated amplifier platform. That potent combination delivers an impressive 100 watts of power per channel, whilst providing a naturally fast, clean and agile sound that really brings your music to life. There’s plenty of playback options available to you – you can stream Roon Ready direct from the I25, alongside hundreds of other popular music services. It really looks the part, too, with a simple but attractive design that will comfortably pair alongside pieces in your current audio setup. 

Primare I35 Prisma

Primare I35 Prisma is Roon Ready

The Primare I35 Prisma offers many of the excellent performance, sound quality, and design characteristics of the I25 – but with a big extra kick. The Primare I35 once again pairs the DM35 DAC with Prisma’s SM35 network player – but this time they’ve combined those elements with the more muscular I35 integrated amplifier for a seriously punchy 150 watts of power per channel. Once again you get Roon Ready connectivity alongside hundreds of other music applications, and all of it comes presented in a beautifully slick-looking chassis.

Primare I15 Prisma Mk2

Primare I15 Prisma MK2 is Roon Ready

This compact network streaming integrated amplifier packs 60 watts of power per channel and serious versatility into a super slim, cool running chassis. The Primare I15 Prisma Mk2’s three-quarter size cabinet opens up a world of set-up integration opportunities, without ever compromising on build or sound quality. Powerful amplification and sophisticated DAC sections deliver every detail and nuance with power and precise control. Roon Ready playback comes built in alongside plenty of other music service options for superb usability.

Volumio Primo

Volumio Primo is Roon Ready

The Volumio Primo is a network streaming DAC that brings the essentials of Roon Ready streaming seamlessly to your HiFi listening system. With integrated balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, and digital outputs that include USB, coaxial S/PDIF, and HDMI. The Primo is ready to be your complete media streaming hub, with support for USB storage, video output, and full access to the Volumio app platform – you’ll be able to stream your favorite music and movies no matter where they reside.

Roon Partner Update: January 2023

This month’s round up features new releases of classics from an iconic brand, a range of top-level DAPs, and more.

A new year, a new round of exciting products to welcome into the Roon Ready family. This month we’ve got classic designs relaunched for the modern music lover, revolutionary audio solutions that integrate seamlessly with your home’s interior design, and a range of DAPs from ‘entry level’ to ‘top of the line’. Let’s get started!

Naim NSC 222

Naim NSC 222 Roon Ready

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Naim Audio – a huge marker for one of Britain’s most iconic high-end audio brands. In celebration of a half-century of sonic excellence, Naim are relaunching their classic 200 series, harking back to some of their greatest hardware achievements whilst offering plenty of product enhancements for the 2023 music lover to really get their teeth into. 

Right at the forefront of this relaunch is the Naim NSC 222 – a user-focused streaming pre-amplifier with dizzying functionality and uncompromising sound quality. Housed in a beautifully designed chassis, the NSC 222 utilizes Naim’s time-honored commitment to engineering excellence to get the very best from your music, comfortably handling bit-rates of up to 32bit/284kHz. The NSC 222 comes Roon Ready for easy and instant access to your Roon library, along with a host of other top-name streaming services and radio stations. True to their roots, Naim hasn’t forgotten about your analogue music collection, either. Amidst a full range of connectivity options there’s an MM phono input for integrating vinyl into your digital listening system. 

Zuma Lumisonic

 Zuma Lumisonic is roon ready

Here at Roon, we occasionally see a new product that looks like it’s a genuine game-changer. The Zuma Lumisonic feels truly revolutionary, offering music lovers a whole new and novel way to integrate high end audio into their home.

The Zuma Lumisonic is a ceiling light and a speaker, combining mood-sensory lighting and immersive sound to generate the ultimate ambience within your home. Zuma’s truly brilliant integrated sound and lighting solution potentially removes the need for cabling or big, bulky tech products within your home entirely. 

The Zuma Lumisonic units may be small enough to fit into a standard recessed light fitting, but this doesn’t come at the cost of sound or build quality. An HD-audio Class D monolithic amplifier is controlled by a top of the line quad-core processor for high-end sound quality. Each channel is actively filtered by advanced DSP algorithms for a totally immersive audio experience. From Lumisonic’s custom-built app, you can control both sound and lighting harmoniously, and link the two for a fully sensory experience. All your favorite streaming services are supported via the app, including Roon Ready compatibility built-in for a seamless Roon experience.

PSB Speakers – Alpha IQ

psb speakers alpha iq roon ready

If you’re a home HiFi enthusiast, cable clutter is probably one of your biggest everyday irritations. So when you find speakers that combine reduced cabling with great sound quality, it’s definitely a product worthy of your attention. The Alpha iQ Streaming Powered Speakers from PSB Speakers strike that balance perfectly – making it easy to enjoy PSB’s trademark ‘True to Nature’ sound from streaming services and legacy sources, with significantly less cable clutter. 

The two powered speakers carry 180W of built-in amplification, backed up by superb build quality and real attention to sonic detail – resulting in a clean, consistent sound whether you’re sitting or standing. And to top it all off, the Alpha iQ’s now come Roon Ready for simple and straightforward connection to your entire Roon library.

Fiio M11S, M11 Plus, M17

Chinese portable audio specialists Fiio have become synonymous with on-the-go high performance listening in recent years, becoming a firm favorite for music lovers and audiophiles across the globe. We’re delighted to announce the introduction of four of their flagship portable music players to the Roon Ready family. Let’s take a look at each new addition in turn.

FiiO M11S

The FiiO M11S offers up Fiio’s trademark power and sound quality at a relatively budget-friendly price point, making it a great option for audiophiles exploring the world of DAPs for the first time. Under the sleek casing, the M11S is powered by a Snapdragon 660 processor, and great audio quality is guaranteed from two fully balanced Dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips. It all adds up to give the M11S a slick, immersive user and listening experience at an affordable price.

FiiO M11 Plus

FiiO M11 Plus roon ready

The FiiO M11 Plus takes everything that’s great about the M11S and elevates it. An octacore Snapdragon 660 processor makes for lightning-fast useability from a 5.5inch touch screen display. Two balanced ES9068AS DAC chips take your portable listening to a whole new level, bringing a complete, rich sound to the music you love. It looks the part, too – it’s sleek black casing is further complemented by a unique, intelligent touch-panel volume system.

FiiO M17

fiio m17 is roon ready

The desktop-class FiiO M17 represents an entirely new chapter in digital audio players – quite possibly one of the most advanced DAPs available on the market today. It comes powered by two ESS ES9038PRO desktop-level dac chips, a seriously punchy THX 788+ headphone amp, and unrivaled gain and connectivity. It all adds up to give the M17 the output power and sound quality to rival and perhaps even surpass highly-rated desktop systems, but in a pint-sized, portable package.


soulnote z-3 roon ready

The SOULNOTE Z-3 is a Roon Ready bridge that provides network connectivity to audio devices using ZERO LINK, a new connection protocol developed in collaboration between Sforzato and SOULNOTE – two hugely popular brands among A-PAC audiophiles.

Utilizing their unique ZERO LINK technology, the SOULNOTE Z-3 maximizes audio quality by removing all asynchronous circuitry to create a significantly streamlined signal path. It can be used as either ZERO LINK or standard LAN to USB network transports. The Z-3 offers USB, SFP (RJ45 and optical input connectivity via SFP adapter) to USB or ZERO LINK output with support for up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD 512 formats. Besides as a Roon Ready device, the Z-3 functions also as a UPnP media renderer, an OpenHome renderer, and a Diretta Target (a proprietary audio protocol developed by Diretta). Control functions are facilitated via Linn’s Kazoo app for OpenHome.

Roon Partner Update: December 2022

A bumper round up of new Roon Ready products in this month’s partner update – from compact streaming speakers to elite level DACs. Check it!

Just in time for the holidays, we have a huge month of partner updates this December. We welcome two beautiful Volumio products to the Roon family, and reveal a new Roon Tested Astell&Kern DAC – the perfect hardware to take advantage of Roon ARC’s new Android USB driver. Let’s dive in and take a look.


Astell & Kern AK HC3 Roon tested

Audio giant Astell&Kern’s brand new portable DAC, the AK HC3, represents a seriously exciting addition to the vibrant portable DAC scene. This compact little USB-C DAC lets you experience high performance audio wherever they’re listening – a plug and play solution that levels up your mobile listening experience. 

The AK HC3 comes Roon Tested and fully compatible with Android devices, making it a great product choice for Roon ARC users looking to experience bit-perfect playback with ARC’s USB driver. But it’s not just mobile listening where the HC3 shines. It’s fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers with a USB-C port, making the HC3 an easy, compact solution for elevated home listening, too.


Bluesound Powernode Edge Roon Ready

The POWERNODE EDGE is the new entry-level streaming amplifier from audio heavyweights, Bluesound. It’s the easiest way to add streaming to a pair of speakers you already own and combines streaming sources (including high-res streaming with Roon Ready!) control and amplification in a sleek and affordable package.


HiFi Rose RS520 Roon Ready

If, like us, you’re a sucker for beautifully designed gear that does it all – you’re going to love the HiFi ROSE RS520. South Korean audio specialists HiFi ROSE have cultivated a reputation for their ‘lifestyle-led’ approach to audio. They specialize in high quality products that put the user experience first, and the RS520 comfortably continues this trend. 

The RS520 is an all-in-one, audiophile approved streaming solution that takes a no-compromise approach to power and sound quality. By pairing top of the line ESS DAC technology with a cutting-edge GaN based class AD amplifier, the RS520 achieves pure, low-noise, ultra-high-res sound whilst outputting up to 250W. Control is where this really streamer comes into its own. The full-front-panel 12.6inch LCD touch screen gives you Roon Ready functionality through a beautifully designed, easy-to-use display. It all adds up to make the HiFi ROSE RS520 a seriously smart addition to your audio set up.

Rotel S14

Rotel S14 Roon Ready

The Rotel S14 is something of a game-changer in the high performance audio market. It represents Rotel’s first integrated amplifier with built-in streaming technology – making this a ‘just add speakers’ system that builds amplification, streaming services, wireless playback and connectivity into a single chassis. 

Under the hood, a 150W AB class amplifier offers plenty of drive, and a large toroidal transformer demonstrates Rotel’s time-tested engineering and design practices. The Rotel S14 utilizes a Texas Instruments 32-bit/384kHz DAC with exhaustive tuning and hand selection of all critical components delivering a fuller, richer and more balanced presentation of your music. With Roon Ready tech built-in, the Rotel S14 is a near-perfect all-in-one HiFi solution.


We’re delighted to welcome Italian audio specialists ‘Volumio’ to the Roon Ready family – with two of their flagship products now officially certified Roon Ready. Here, we’ll take a look at both of Volumio’s Roon Ready products in a little more detail.


Volumio Integro Roon Ready

The Volumio INTEGRO is a high performance, slimline, all-in-one integrated amplifier solution. Despite its compact size, the INTEGRO packs quite a punch – boasting a powerful speaker amplifier (70w RMS / 4 ohm), a dedicated dual-mono headphone amplifier, and dedicated subwoofer output. It features Coaxial and Optical S/PDIF inputs, an RCA analog input, and plenty of playback compatibility – supporting Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth and USB drive playback. 

The INTEGRO has been designed in collaboration with Red Dot award winners Design Narratives, and is the first Volumio product to be 100% built in Florence, Italy. null


Volumio Rivo Roon Ready

The Volumio RIVO is a highly flexible ‘digital bridge’ – designed for optimized performance while adding audio streaming to your existing setup. The focus of the RIVO’s architecture is simplicity – its digital signal path is built as clean as possible without any unnecessary stages. There are plenty of connection options with AES/EBU, Coaxial S/PDIF, and USB outputs all available. To ensure the lowest possible noise floor, The RIVO utilizes isolated power supplies for each function block and multiple power filtering 1:1 OFC copper grain oriented transformers – ensuring full galvanic isolation of the AES/EBU, coaxial, and USB outputs.

Roon Partner Update: November 2022

A bumper round up of new Roon Ready products in this month’s partner update – from compact streaming speakers to elite level DACs. Check it!

We’ve got an absolutely bumper partner round up for you in November – with some seriously exciting new additions to welcome into the Roon Ready family.

There’s something for everyone this month –  from compact streaming speakers that pack a punch, to an elite-level streamer DAC running Roon OS built-in. Let’s dive in.

Bluesound Pulse M

Roon Ready

If you’re in the market for a compact streaming speaker that pairs slick design with great sound quality, the new Pulse M from Bluesound is a great bet. The Pulse M delivers clear, lush, room-filling audio from its pint sized chassis – giving you foot-tapping music streaming wherever it’s placed within your home.

It looks great, too. The subtle design and simple touch controls allow the Bluesound Pulse M to blend seamlessly into any room decor.

Metronome DSS 2

Roon Ready

From one aesthetically pleasing piece of kit to another – The Metronome DSS 2adds Roon Ready streaming to your HiFi system, and looks good while doing it.

Built in France, this sleek looking network streamer features an I2S output supporting rates up to DSD256. It comes featuring analog and digital connections for plenty of flexibility, and cutting-edge power supply circuitry for a cleaner sound. The DDS 2 now offers integrated WIFI and supports MQA playback.

Musical Fidelity M6x

Roon Tested

The Musical Fidelity M6x DAC bears impressive heritage. Going all the way back, the M6x is the proud successor to the Digilog model that started it all in 1988. The M6x USB DAC continues to build on Musical Fidelity’s rich legacy of world-class audio devices – providing superb build quality at great value.

Its Roon Tested USB input supports PCM playback up to 768 kHz, native DSD playback up to DSD512, and MQA Full Decoder functionality. It features the latest ESS DAC chips to deliver superb signal-to-noise performance. The built-in headphone amplifier delivers high bandwidth, extremely low noise, and up to 128dB of dynamic range.

Mytek Empire

Roon Ready

The Mytek Empire Streamer DAC is a seriously powerful streamer designed to challenge the most elite DACs on the market. The Mytek Empire comes with Roon OS built-in, brilliantly combining the power of a Roon core with Mytek’s legendary digital and analog audio designs. 

It features two ultra-high performance ESS 9038PRO Sabre DAC chipsets in dual mono mode, powered by dedicated linear power supplies for each channel. The Roon OS and Mytek OS computer boards are fully isolated from the DAC and analog components with a faraday cage design and separate linear power supply. 

For control, the Empire has multiple options available. On the device itself, there’s a neat little five-and-a-half inch touch screen that offers full control and browsing of Roon. Additionally, the Mytek Empire comes shipped with an iPad for control from anywhere around the home. It all adds up to make the Mytek Empire one of the most technologically advanced and best sounding hi-res music streamers available today. And it’s designed to be upgradeable, so you’ll be set for years to come.

AVM Inspiration AS 2.3

Roon Ready

Since the 1990s, AVM has cultivated something of a legacy for developing compact all-in-one devices that don’t compromise on sound quality. The AVM Inspiration AS 2.3 integrated amplifier confidently continues this legacy.

The customized AVM X-STREAM engine supports Roon Ready playback up to PCM 384 kHz and DSD256. The AS 2.3 makes a huge leap in sound quality from its predecessors – carrying a powerful 140 W amplifier based on the full-sized OVATION CS 8.3 design.

KEF LS60 Wireless

Roon Ready

Looking for a high-end, Roon Ready speaker solution that looks as beautiful as it sounds? Then the KEF LS60 Wireless is about to jump right to the top of your Christmas list. The LS60 Wireless takes KEFs reputation for forward-thinking design with a classic grounding to a whole new level. It’s a celebration of 60 years of sound innovation – with a clear eye on the future of high fidelity experience and design.

In terms of aesthetic, the LS60 Wireless really stands apart from the crowd. Its iconic slim structure makes for a beautifully contemporary addition to your living or listening room. But the LS60 doesn’t just look the part – it sounds sublime, too. 

It supports high-resolution playback via Roon Ready streaming and includes flexible input options such as HDMI eARC, optical, and analog RCA connections. The LS60’s Single Apparent Source technology is adapted from the flagship KEF Blade loudspeaker. It aims to achieve the acoustic ideal of a point source. Where low, mid, and high frequencies radiate from a single point which enables coherent, precise, and clear sound across the whole audio bandwidth. The LS60 is a beautifully designed, no-compromise speaker solution for discerning audiophiles with a real eye for internal design.


Roon Ready

If you’re looking for KEF sound quality and performance in a smaller package, KEF has a compact, budget-friendly Roon Ready option available to you. The KEF LSX II – a beautifully designed small-scale WiFi speaker – reflects KEF’s continued commitment to top-end listening regardless of speaker size or budget. Under the hood, there’s plenty packed into these bookshelf speakers. The LSX II comes with built-in support for Roon Ready streaming up to 24-bit/384kHz and dedicated amplifiers inside each speaker for added punch.

The KEF LSX II is super flexible, too. It can connect to your TV via HDMI ARC, your laptop via USB-C, and even a turntable, CD player or games console. And if you want your movies, music, or gaming to come with extra bass, there’s a dedicated output to connect a subwoofer. This comprehensive compatibility is backed up by an unquestionably reasonable price point. The LSX II is all you’d need to assemble a truly world-class sound system. 

Roon Partner Update: September 2022

It’s been another busy month of partner launches at Roon! We’ve welcomed a brand new partner – Dynaudio – as well as new devices from Musical Fidelity, Astell&Kern, Denon, iFi, Wattson Audio, and Atoll Electronique.  

You can read all about them in our latest partner update below. For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Dynaudio Focus 10, 30, and 50

Roon Ready

We’re thrilled to announce that renowned Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio has joined the Roon Ready family! 

Celebrating the debut of this partnership are three all-new active speaker designs in the Focus 10, Focus 30, and Focus 50. Each speaker features custom-tuned DSP built-in, allowing the speakers to intelligently adapt to your room and listening needs.

The bookshelf Focus 10 is perfect for elevating the acoustic experience in smaller spaces, and the larger floorstanding Focus 30 and Focus 50 assert a powerful presence in just about any space. All in, Dynaudio offers a winning formula for your whole home. 

Musical Fidelity MX Stream

Roon Ready

The MX Stream from Musical Fidelity has been added to the Roon Ready family – a capable network bridge featuring unique connectivity and thoughtful, HiFi-focused design touches throughout.

Thanks to its built-in WiFi and Ethernet networking capabilities, adding the MX Stream to your system is a cinch. Meanwhile, the HDMI video output, ability to rip CD’s to connected hard drives, and broad support for resolutions  (up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD256) all make for a unique music streamer for any audiophile.

Astell&Kern SP3000

Roon Ready

The all-new A&ultima SP3000 from Astell&Kern is a remarkable, performance-driven Digital Audio Player – featuring the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Astell&Kern is known for alongside full Roon Ready integration inside.

Thanks to A&K’s custom-built music engine, TERATON ALPHA, and a Quad-DAC chip from AKM, you’ll never miss a detail in any song that you play.

Denon S660H, S760H, AVR X1700H

Roon Tested

The latest Denon models to join the Roon Tested family are the duo of S660H and S760H receivers, alongside the high-end AVR X1700H.

The S660H offers robust audio delivery for both music and movies to any full 5.1 system, alongside support for 8K video, HDR, and much more. The S760H integrates many of the capabilities of its sibling, with an increased channel count of 7.2 at 75 watts each.

The AVR X1700 shares much with its fellow Denon counterparts, however, it also boasts an output of 80 watts per channel, with 7.2 channel Dolby ATMOS support, and a myriad of audio and video inputs ready for any home theater system.

iFi Neo Stream

Roon Ready

The iFi Neo Stream is a unique solution to a familiar equation – home music streaming, simplified to its very essentials. The Neo Stream makes HiRes streaming as fluid and hassle-free as possible, with no need for specific app control, and integrations with full-featured Roon Ready streaming, Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect – as well as AirPlay and other streaming integrations.

Simply set up your favorite music listening app and you’re ready to enjoy the symphony of high-end HiFi components that make this network bridge the fantastic audio component it is.

Watson Audio Madison

Roon Ready

The Wattson Audio Madison is a compact desktop streaming DAC that can easily integrate into your full HiFi system, serve as a powerful HeadFi centerpiece or possibly do dual duty! Precision Swiss engineering defines the character of this DAC, with carefully considered circuitry, Roon Ready streaming, and a collection of inputs and outputs that easily complement any system. 

Atoll Electronique SDA 300 Signature

Roon Ready

The SD300 Signature all-in-one integrated amplifier from Atoll Electronique gives you everything needed for your HiFi listening setup in a single enclosure. This integrated amplifier is ready to be the centerpiece of your main listening system – featuring a powerful 150W 2 channel amplifier, and full-featured Hi-Res Roon Ready streaming built in. From MQA to DSD, S/PDIF to RCA inputs, anything is possible – all you’ll need to add is speakers.  

Roon Partner Update: July 2022

We continued adding to our partner family in the summer as we added new devices from the likes of Burson Audio, dCS and TAD. 

For a full list of our partner brands and every Roon Ready and Roon Tested device, visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Burson Audio – Composer 3XP, Conductor 3P, Conductor 3R, Conductor 3X GT, Conductor 3XR, Playmate 2 and Timekeeper 3i
Roon Tested

We added seven devices from Burson Audio who also come in as a new partner to our growing family. Burson Audio is dedicated to challenging the conventional and is pushing the boundaries of audio excellence through innovation.

Their revolutionary discrete audio opamps are benchmarks in the HiFi industry today, establishing a totally unique perspective on music delivery. Each of the new products from the Burson Audio Conductor range (3XP, 3P, 3R, 3X GT 3XR) and the Playmate 2 and Timekeeper 3i are all certified as Roon Tested, ready to deliver spectacular performance in any system.

dCS Lina
Roon Ready

The all-new Lina is the 13th certified device from the renowned HiFi engineers at dCS joining our Roon Ready family. Featuring the remarkable dCS Ring DAC technology inside, the Lina Network DAC is a showcase of the incredible precision manufacturing that dCS is known for, along with their passion for perfect music reproduction, all at an approachable price point.

This is a totally unique entry into the streaming DAC space, and when combined with its complimentary Lina family components, it’s a supremely capable single-stop solution for every Head-Fi need.

TAD D1000TX DA1000TX
Roon Tested

We’re thrilled to announce that Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD) is a brand new Roon partner, jumping in with two new Roon Tested products, the D1000TX Disc player and the DA1000TX DAC. Each of these reference HiFi components is meticulously crafted with hand-picked componentry, assembled to the highest of standards. The DA1000TX is equipped with TAD’s Asynchronous USB Communication Engine, offering support for resolutions up to 32/384kH in PCM and DSD256. The D1000TX shares this masterclass digital topology, enhancing its overall functionality with an integrated SACD and CD player.

Both of these sources can effortlessly deliver your music with perfect timing thanks to TAD’s Master Clock UPCG. From showcasing your CD collection in flawless form to ensuring your digital-first listening system is fully equipped, the DA1000TX and the D1000TX are stellar solutions for nearly every HiFi setup.

Roon Partner Update: June 2022

We’ve had a bright start to the summer as we introduced five new devices from audio brands such as Thrax Audio, Matrix Audio and Zidoo.

For a full list of our partner brands and every Roon Ready and Roon Tested device, visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Matrix Audio element i2, M2 and X2
Roon Ready

Four new devices from Matrix Audio’s family of streaming DACs were certified as Roon Ready in June: the Element i2, Element M2, Element X2, and the Mini-i Pro 3 all can now stream Hi-Res audio natively from Roon. Each of these DACs are engineered to deliver spectacular sonic reproduction at an equally impressive value and comes standard with useful connectivity options such as balanced audio output, a balanced headphone connector, and USB-C. The Element series sports a fantastic touchscreen interface with a revamped UI, and the Mini-i Pro 3 features cutting-edge Bluetooth streaming, unlocking even more streaming possibilities for your system. 

Thrax Audio Ares
Roon Ready

We’re welcoming Thrax Audio’s third device to the Roon Ready family with the Ares MkII, a powerhouse integrated amplifier. Featuring tandem full monoblock amplifiers in its chassis, the Ares has individual linear power supplies and transformers dedicated to each of its stereo audio channels, ensuring that the powerful solid-state amplification stages receive every bit of current they need. The Ares’ digital capabilities are equally impressive, with power delivered by a dedicated transformer, and support for resolutions up to 32/768kHz, this is a complete listening solution for many two-channel Roon users. 

Zidoo Neo Alpha
Roon Ready

The brand-new Neo Alpha is the latest Roon Ready device from Zidoo. The Neo Alpha is an all-in-one streaming hub for your home media and Hi-Fi listening system, and includes HDMI output with support for 4K streaming, alongside support for a myriad of Hi-Res streaming formats, including DSD and MQA. This is the total solution for anyone who appreciates high-quality video and audio streaming and can function as a powerful hub for all of your multimedia needs.