Roon 1.2 is here!


We’re very excited to announce that Roon 1.2 is finally live! This is our biggest release yet, with new platform support, new apps, new features, and lots of refinements based on the feedback we hear from our members every day. There are over 600 new features and improvements in all. Here are some highlights:

roon_1-2_email_audioThe new Roon Bridge app for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and Linux lets you stream to PCs around the house in the same way we stream to Roon Ready devices. Now all of your computers can join Roon Ready, Airplay, Meridian, and Squeezebox devices as networked outputs for Roon.

roon_1-2_email_downloadsRoon Remote has been released for iPhone and Android phone! Now there’s always a Roon controller within reach. Browse and play your music from anywhere in your home, whether you’re on desktop, tablet, or phone!

roon_1-2_ipad_proiPad Pro is the first tablet large enough to run Roon in landscape and portrait mode. If you’ve taken the leap (or have been thinking about it), our support for Apple’s latest iPad makes a stunning Roon experience.


radioRoon 1.2 also lets you play your favorite Internet Radio stations around the house. NPR in the office? BBC in the kitchen, dining room, and basement? Add any stations you like and stream them to your Roon outputs.

Roon on your PC is great, but the real magic is how it works with audio products from our hardware partners. The first five Roon Ready network players are shipping (with many more on the way) and our list of Roon Tested DACs contains over 30 partner products.


In the coming weeks, Roon Core products will become available, meaning that instead of running Roon on your Mac or Windows PC, you’ll be able to use a server from one of our partners.

Countless other improvements have been made based on user feedback. They include support for DSP volume, ganged volume controls, WASAPI volume control to ASIO zones, improved gapless playback, and configurable buffers. Roon also now supports WAV64 files and 32-bit content. Library management has also been improved with better support for NAS drives, better editing of multi-disc sets, and easier integration of iTunes libraries. You can check out the release notes to see a comprehensive list.

As always, we want to hear how Roon is working for you. Have a comment, a suggestion, or just want to share the love? Drop by our community site and say hello!