Roon Ready Update: September 2017

One of the great features of the Roon Ready program is the diversity of product functions, features, and prices that are represented in the range of available devices from our partners.

From $50 Raspberry Pi hats to $50,000 DACs, table radios to headphone amplifiers, and soundbars to multi-room amps, you can find almost any kind of audio product you need in the Roon Ready family.

This past month has brought six new pieces to the fold, with releases from Trinnov, Oppo, Auralic, and Bricasti Design.

Trinnov Audio processors

The Trinnov Altitude32 and Amethyst were certified in early September,and bring Roon Ready capabilities into the world of home theater. The Altitude and Amethyst are designed to offer best-in-class Room Correction, Virtualization, and Crossover DSP technologies for performance theaters and listening rooms, with Roon Ready connectivity for networked music.

Oppo Blu-Ray players

The Oppo UDP-203 and UDP-205 were certified in mid-September, and also bring Roon Ready capabilities into the world of home theater. The 203 and 205 both are Universal Disc Players with an array of performance video features, as well as networked audio functions that include Roon Ready certification. The 205 features an upgraded analog audio output stage.

Auralic Aries Mini network player

The Aries Mini is now the fifth Roon Ready device from Auralic. It was certified at the end of September and brings incredible functionality – it is a 24/384khz PCM, DSD capable DAC and Network to USB/Digital bridge – in a small package, and at a great price.

Bricasti Design M5 network bridge

Rounding out the certifications this month is the Bricasti M5, a no-holds-barred, audiophile approach to the Network to Digital bridge that adds networked audio capability to legacy DACs.

Home automation comes to Roon

Also worth noting this month is that we showed our third party control integrations for iPort, Crestron, Control 4, and RTI at CEDIA, which will ship later this year. This means that all Roon Ready devices can soon work together in whole-home audio systems controlled by the leading home automation systems.