Audeze & Roon Rewrite the Rules: Partnership Delivers Headphone DSP

Audeze makes headphones that sound spectacular, there’s no disputing that.

And with their meticulously tuned designs, innovative materials, and breakthrough engineering, they have established time and again that they want to push head-fi to its limits.

Fresh off of Roon’s recently released DSP engine, Audeze reached out to us to see what could be done to push their auditory experience even further. The result is a set of carefully designed DSP Presets, seamlessly integrated into Roon.

What are the Audeze DSP Presets?

Roon’s integrated Audeze Presets are DSP filters, meticulously calibrated for your Audeze headphones, directly from the team at Audeze who designed them. No matter what Audeze headphones you own, there is a unique filter designed specifically for your model.

Designed to emulate the experience of a pair of tonally neutral reference monitors in a well treated room, we think you’re going to love them.

There’s no guesswork involved, and no tinkering with settings across different DSP options on your own- just select the preset for your model and you’re off and running. Behind each preset are countless hours of engineering that you can count on.

Made Specifically for Audeze Headphones

Normally your relationship with the manufacturer ends when you purchase your headphones, and you have to wait for the next thing to buy before you can take advantage of new ideas and advances that have been made.

Now, Audeze has extended that relationship past the point of purchase, and given loyal customers more. They have used years of knowledge and experience to measure all of their headphones and develop DSP filters that accurately enhance the sound of their headphones.

Roon’s partnership with Audeze means that together, we can provide a turn-key DSP experience at a level higher than is available from other headphones or players.

How do I use these DSP presets in Roon?

First open Roon’s DSP Engine. Then select the Audeze Presets section, and select your headphones:

After selecting your preset, the calibration DSP will be applied, and artwork for your headphones will be displayed here:

It is possible to keep the artwork without applying the preset, if desired. Simply disable the Audeze Presets Section, while leaving your preset selected:

We hope you enjoy Audeze’s presets in Roon! If you haven’t already signed up for Roon, click the button below. And be sure to let us know how you’re liking the presets over on our community site.