Roon Partner Update: July 2019

We’ve always admired the timeless nature of the audio industry – from vintage tube amps to modern streaming DACs, we’re spoiled by such a broad spectrum of gear. While it’s not uncommon to see some hardware manufacturers come and go, this group of Roon partners has an average tenure of 63 years!

July brought us new Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices from Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra, Cambridge, ELAC, Opera Audio, and McIntosh. For a full list of the brands we’ve partnered with, and every Roon Ready and Roon Tested device, visit our website.

Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra
Roon Tested

We’ve got another significant update to our Roon Tested program. Onkyo, Pioneer, and Integra are rolling out a total of 9 Roon Tested devices!

These three companies have been the cornerstone of home theater and audio for decades, and now they’re bringing forward an exciting blend of Chromecast enabled Roon Tested AV receivers.

Each AV receiver’s Chromecast connectivity has been thoroughly tested in coordination with the manufacturer, and we’re so proud to bring a first-class experience to each of them.

You can enjoy that experience on the Onkyo TX-NR696, TX-NR797, TX-RZ740, and TX-RZ840. The Pioneer VSX-LX304 and VSX-LX504.  And the Integra DRX-3.3, DRX-4.3, and DRX-5.3

Roon Tested

Two new flagships and an updated streamer from Cambridge Audio are now Roon Tested! Play high resolution music to either the EDGE A, EDGE NQ, or CXN (V2) over USB from Roon, or stream to the EDGE NQ and CXN (V2) over your network via Chromecast.

ELAC Alchemy DDP-2
Roon Ready

ELAC introduced their fourth Roon Ready offering in July, the Alchemy DDP-2. This all-in-one device is a flexible addition to any setup, offering a DAC, pre-amp, and Roon Ready streaming technology in one box.

Opera-Consonance X5 MKII
Roon Ready

They’re a fresh face to the Roon Ready program, but Opera-Consonance have been manufacturing digital and analog audio equipment since 1994. The Opera-Consonance X5 MKII is a small but powerful network bridge with Roon Ready streaming technology built in, so you can turn any USB DAC into a networked endpoint. It supports DSD up to DSD512, and PCM up to 32-bit/768kHz.

McIntosh C53
Roon Tested

McIntosh made a huge splash in March after announcing 11 new Roon Tested devices, then they followed it up with the C49 in May. And in July, the McIntosh C53 received Roon Tested designation! The C53 is a 2-channel solid state preamplifier with 16 inputs, an 8 band analog equalizer, and DSD support up to DSD512.