Roon Partner Update: June 2024

It’s been an exciting month of new devices for us here at Roon! We’ve got a great collection of streaming DACs and preamps for you to explore and an exciting portable DAC to boot. Let’s dive into the new Roon Ready gear!  

Astell & Kern AK HB1 – Roon Tested

Astell & Kern AK HB1 is Roon Tested, showing the device attached to a laptop and headphones.

In the ever-evolving landscape of high-fidelity audio, Astell & Kern’s HB1 is a delightful entry into the world of portability and audiophile-grade sound. With its ESS ES9281AC PRO DAC and support for tracks up to DSD256 and 32-bit/384kHz PCM playback, the HB1 is not just a statement of quality engineering but a testament to Astell & Kern’s commitment to excellence in action. Whether you’re unwinding at home or on the move, the HB1’s six-hour battery life ensures your musical journey remains uninterrupted. Moreover, its compatibility with gaming consoles and the inclusion of both 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs make it a versatile companion for all your audio adventures. Dive into the details and discover how the HB1 stands as a paragon of ultra-portable elegance.

Aurender N150 – Roon Ready

Aurender N150 is Roon Ready

The N150 is the latest gem in the Aurender lineup to join the Roon Ready family. This compact yet complete network bridge is a testament to Aurender’s commitment to high-fidelity sound and seamless user experience. With its internal storage and USB audio out, the N150 is the most accessible entry point to the Aurender ecosystem, offering an affordable solution without compromising on audio performance. Whether you’re streaming high-resolution tracks from Roon, Tidal or Qobuz, or delving into your own digital collection, the N150 delivers a sound that is as pure as it is thrilling.  

Eversolo DMP A8 – Roon Ready

Eversolo DMP A8 is Roon Ready

We are delighted to introduce the Eversolo DMP-A8 as a new Roon Ready streaming DAC that’s ready to impress. The DMP-A8 is not just a streamer; it’s a statement of excellence, blending a flagship DAC chip with Eversolo’s Velvet Sound technology to deliver an exciting listening experience. Its R2R volume control and the ability to add an onboard SSD for local playback underscore its versatility as a network bridge, DAC and even preamp. You’ll be able to take advantage of all the capabilities of this device via inputs that include USB, coaxial S/PDIF and TOSLINK, analog RCA, and naturally streaming audio from Roon Ready, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, and many more. This is a device that promises to redefine your musical landscape all from a single component in your system.

JBL L42MS – Roon Ready

JBL L42MS is Roon Ready

We’re delighted to feature the JBL L42MS, an all-in-one Roon Ready speaker system that perfectly blends retro aesthetics with modern audio technology. The L42MS is equipped with a 24-bit/96kHz DAC and 200 watts of Class D power, ensuring that it can handle high-resolution audio playback at roof raising volumes with ease. Its comprehensive connectivity options include Ethernet, HDMI ARC, WiFi, and analog RCA/3.5mm inputs, making it a breeze to integrate into any Roon or traditional HiFi setup for an enhanced listening experience. The real wood finishes in black or natural walnut add a touch of elegance to any room, while the system’s sound quality is characterized by a big, hefty, and deft touch that we all know and love from JBL.  

JBL L75MS – Roon Ready

JBL L75MS is Roon Ready

The JBL L75ms Music System is a bold statement in the wireless speaker category, offering the big, loud, and proud sound signature that JBL is renowned for. This all-in-one speaker features a 350 Watt power output, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and Google Chromecast for versatile streaming options. The unit also includes an HDMI ARC input, MM phono stage, and a 3.5mm input to easily integrate with various audio sources. This music system is a contemporary nod to the past, delivering the full-bodied and dynamic sound that JBL fans expect, wrapped in a package that’s as visually striking as it is acoustically impressive.  

LUMIN P1 MINI – Roon Ready

LUMIN P1 MINI is Roon Ready

The P1 Mini is one of two new Roon Ready devices from Lumin this month, offering a compact yet powerful streaming DAC solution. Thanks to its dual ES9028PRO Sabre DACs and support for up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD512 files, the P1 Mini can stand up to just about any high-resolution music files you can throw at it. Despite its smaller stature, it doesn’t shy away from delivering an elite level of signal processing and versatility, making it an easy choice for any serious system. The inclusion of HDMI ARC allows the P1 Mini to double as a hub for both music and home cinema systems, supporting 4K video passthrough, HDR, and Dolby Vision. It’s a streamer, a DAC, and a preamplifier all in one, ensuring that your audio experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

LUMIN D3 – Roon Ready

LUMIN D3 is Roon Ready

The D3 is the second Lumin device that we’re announcing as Roon Ready device this month. As the latest entrant in Lumin’s esteemed lineup, the D3 is a brings the familiar attributes of its D-series predecessors alongside some important power and capability upgrades. With its ES9028 Pro DAC chipset, the D3 readily ensures that your favorite tracks are rendered with impeccable clarity. The D3’s fully balanced analogue output stage, complete with Lumin’s uniquely engineered analogue buffer, promises a wide dynamic range and ultra-low noise performance. Its TIDAL Connect and Airplay 2 compatibility, along with Roon Ready certification, make it a versatile streaming centerpiece for any audiophile’s collection.  

Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 4 – Roon Ready

Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 4 is Roon Ready

The Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 4 is a compact yet powerful music streaming DAC is a testament to Matrix Audio’s commitment to quality and innovation. With its sleek design and robust feature set, the Mini-i Pro 4 is a standout addition to any audiophile’s setup. It boasts an array of digital and analog inputs, including Coax, Optical, HDMI (ARC), and USB B, supporting files up to DSD 512 and 32-bit/768kHz in PCM. The device also offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, ensuring seamless integration into not only Roon’s ecosystem, but also with the other components in your home. The Mini-i Pro 4’s Roon Ready capabilities, alongside AirPlay, TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, DLNA and internet radio offerings are all made easily accessible in the MA Player app, bringing convenience to the forefront of this network DAC’s capabilities. The Mini-i Pro 4 is a perfect match for our discerning Roon users looking for an all-in-one solution that covers all bases.  

Primare SC15 Prisma MK2 – Roon Ready

Primare SC15 Prisma MK2 is Roon Ready

The Primare SC15 Prisma MK2 is a shining example of Scandinavian design meeting high-fidelity performance, and it’s our pleasure welcome it into the Roon Ready family. This sleek preamplifier/streamer/DAC is lauded for its ‘smart’ capabilities, not just in terms of its extensive functionality but also for its thoughtful balance of features. The SC15 MK2 Prisma is celebrated for its ease of use and handsome design, and builds upon the strengths of its predecessor. With a new DAC implementation at its core, the MK2 update refines the sonic presence existing Primare customers know and love and will readily integrate itself into your favorite listening system.

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