Roon Partner Update: February 2024

Welcome to the first Roon device update of 2024! We hope that the new year has been as good to you as it has been to us – This month, we’re thrilled to announce a huge batch of newly certified devices. We have 19 new Roon Tested devices for you to discover, and 8 Roon Ready devices joining the fold, ranging from AVRs to network DACs and a preamplifier. Let’s jump right in!

Cambridge Audio – CXN100 – Roon Ready

Cambridge Audio CXN100 is Roon Ready

The Cambridge CXN100 is a Roon Ready network streamer and digital preamp that offers seamless integration with a variety of audio sources, ranging from TIDAL, Qobuz and Spotify, AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Roon Ready to inputs that include USB, S/PDIF Coaxial, and TOSLINK. High-resolution playback is powered by a user-friendly interface and a capable ESS onboard DAC, with support for resolutions up to PCM 32/768KHz. This is a network connected digital preamp that’s designed to deliver exceptional audio performance and flexibility for every kind of musical enthusiast.

Dan D’Agostino – Relentless PreamplifierRoon Ready

Dan D'Agostino Relentless Preamplifier is Roon Ready

The Relentless Preamplifier is a flagship, high-end stereo preamplifier designed by Dan D’Agostino, with uncompromising sound quality and exquisite craftsmanship instilled in every corner of its design. This three-chassis preamplifier offers a broad suite of connectivity, from Bluetooth and USB to Ethernet and WiFi, alongside an XLR-balanced-only input and output stages, maximizing its acoustic performance ceiling. The Relentless also features a unique Dual Zone functionality, providing independent sources for two playback zones from any input source you choose – from Roon Ready, to Tidal, Qobuz, and Spotify. This is a masterpiece preamplifier that is designed to deliver a musically dense and dynamically rich signal at every turn, making it the perfect centerpiece for the ultimate music system.

Esoteric – N-01XD SE – Roon Ready

Esoteric N-01XD SE is Roon Ready

The N-01XD SE is a top-of-the-line Roon Ready network DAC from Esoteric, born from the Japanese brand’s thorough commitment to manufacturing HiFi equipment to the highest quality standards. This DAC uses FPGA-based stereo technologies that were initially developed for the original Master Sound Discrete DAC found in the flagship devices from Esoteric – complete with independent linear power supplies designated for the left and right channels. Thanks to a tireless pursuit of refinement and HiFi capability, this is a high-end network DAC deserving of a flagship listening system.

Gold Note – IS-10 – Roon Ready

Gold Note IS-10 is Roon Ready

The IS-10 from Gold Note is a Roon Ready integrated amplifier that’s designed to perfectly intersect with the needs of audiophiles seeking a compact yet powerful solution. This versatile device features a high-performance DAC and supports high-resolution music formats, all the way up to DSD256 and PCM 32/384kHz. With a robust 90W stereo amplifier, the IS-10 effortlessly drives a wide range of speakers – and it even includes a dedicated amplifier for audiophile headphones. Of course, the IS-10 is fully Roon Ready, and makes streaming your favorite music a cinch. For discerning audio enthusiasts, the IS-10 offers an exceptional All-In-One amplifier option to enhance their music listening experience.

Integra – DRX-8.4 – Roon Ready

Integra DRX-8.4 is Roon Ready

The DRX-8.4 from Integra is a robust and powerful multichannel AVR from Integra that we are proud to announce is now a part of the Roon Ready family. Featuring an impressive 11 channel, 150WPC class A-B amplifier, this receiver is ready to blow you away from the start with impeccable sonic performance. You’ll be able to make the most of every piece in your home theater system, thanks to connectivity that includes HDMI, XLR input and output, and of course traditional RCA, Toslink and coaxial connections as well. Network streaming capabilities supported by Roon Ready, AirPlay, Chromecast, and Sonos cement this AVR as the possibly the only stop you’ll need in your reference cinema system. 

LOEWE – series – Roon Tested

LOEWE series is Roon Tested

The series of devices from Loewe includes soundbars, subwoofers, and multiroom speakers, all designed to deliver premium sound quality in a remarkably stylish fashion. Each speaker from Loewe features an elegant and compact design, and offers a diligent  focus on acoustic performance. The Klang Bar 5 MR and Sub 5 is a soundbar and subwoofer combination, while the Klang Sub 1 is a wireless subwoofer with a unique latency-free Bluetooth pairing technology built in. The Klang MR5 is a powerful streaming speaker with 180 watts of total music power, and the Klang MR1 is a streaming speaker with 30 watts of power. These products are designed to provide an incomparable listening experience, whether from AirPlay, Chromecast, or any of the many integrated streaming services available to you in the Loewe app.

Naim – Uniti Nova PE – Roon Ready 

Naim Uniti Nova PE is Roon Ready

Building on the already acclaimed Uniti Nova, the brand new Uniti Nova PE from Naim is designed to elevate your audio experience to new heights. Packed with cutting-edge technology and more powerful amplifiers, the Naim Uniti Nova PE promises to redefine the way you listen to music. You can maximize on your connectivity needs thanks to USB, HDMI, analog, Coaxial and Toslink inputs, all complementing the network capabilities of Naim’s Uniti platform. You’ll be able to use Roon Ready, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, and more – all in the same place, making the refined HiFi listening experience you love from Naim a key part of your favorite reference listening system.

Onkyo TX-RZ70 – Roon Ready

Onkyo TX-RZ70 is Roon Ready

The TX-RZ70 is a powerhouse multichannel AVR from Onkyo. This Roon Ready AVR offers a whopping 140 watts per channel of true, Class AB power – giving you more than enough headroom for driving all of the speakers in your system. This impressive power is combined with a host of input connectivity, including Roon Ready streaming, AirPlay, Chromecast and Spotify Connect, and physical inputs that range from With integrated support for music streaming from Roon Ready, AirPlay and Chromecast, and inputs that range from HDMI and Phono to TOSLINK and Coaxial. If you’re looking for the ideal home theater upgrade for your flagship system, this very well could be the perfect choice for you.

Pioneer VSX-LX805, VSX-LX805 Elite – Roon Tested

Pioneer VSX-LX805, VSX-LX805 Elite are Roon Tested

This multi-channel AVR spares no expense with premium componentry and studio-level processing proudly present in each area of its design. The VSX-LX805 is engineered to support 11 channels amplified in a 7.2.4 configuration at 150 Watts per channel (8 ohms). Simply put, that’s a lot of power into a lot of speakers. You’ll also be able to appreciate the performance of this AVR utilizing its assortment of physical connections, such as HDMI, RCA, Phono, and others, or one of the many streaming and smart home assistant platforms that come standard with this model. For those looking to dial in their system even more, Dirac Live room correction is built right in. All together, this is a fantastic HiFi solution for multi-channel music lovers.

WiiM Pro Plus – Roon Ready

WiiM Pro Plus is Roon Ready

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed WiiM Pro, we’re excited to announce that its big sibling, the WiiM Pro Plus, is now Roon Ready. In addition to Roon Ready streaming capabilities, you’ll find AirPlay, Chromecast, and even Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri support built-in, streaming and managing your music has never been so easy. Thanks to format support that reaches all the way up to 24bit/192kHz, you’ll find each supported streaming platform will surprise and delight at every turn. Line level out, TOSLINK optical and S/PDIF coaxial outputs make connecting to your preferred HiFi system a cinch – a perfect gift for the audio fanatic in your life who’s looking for the next upgrade.

Yamaha RX-V4A, RX-V6A, RX-A2A, RX-A4A, RX-A6A, RX-A8A, TSR-400, TSR-700, R-N2000A, R-N1000A, R-N800A – Roon Tested 

Yamaha RX-V4A, RX-V6A, RX-A2A, RX-A4A, RX-A6A, RX-A8A, TSR-400, TSR-700, R-N2000A, R-N1000A, R-N800A are Roon Tested

We’re excited to announce that Yamaha is bringing no less than 11 new devices to the Roon Tested family! With capable, high performance amplifiers and AVRs purpose-built for just about any need an audiophile could have. You can enjoy Yamaha’s easy to use MusicCast app for managing all of your streaming needs, and choose each model for just about any input or listening purpose you could imagine!

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