Roon adds powerful new two-way sync, improved browsing capabilities, and folder organization to playlist features

Improved Playlist feature

There’s no denying the popularity of playlists. Open any streaming service app, and you’ll immediately be presented with proof of their far-reaching appeal. Dig a bit deeper, and you’ll likely discover lists for things you never imagined.  It’s not that surprising, really. As music lovers, we can’t help but be drawn in by the captivating power of a well-crafted music set. Playlists make DJs and music directors of us all by delivering a creative outlet that opens new vistas into how we interact with music. That’s what Roon is all about–making your music listening more immersive and engaging.

It has been a while since we’ve focused on playlist features, but the Roon user community is full of dedicated playlist curators who regularly share ideas for improving Roon’s dexterity in playlist handling. We’ve been listening intently and working diligently for some time. As evidenced by the results of our recent user survey, we made the right call!

So today, we’re delighted to announce changes that represent a big step forward for playlists in Roon, and going forward, we intend to continue improving this area of the product. 

Introducing two-way playlist sync

One of our top feature requests is for a way to carry the fruits of Roon’s discovery superpowers back to TIDAL, Qobuz, and KKBOX playlists.  

Playlist 2 way sync

You could always add tracks to a list in a streaming service app, such as adding Qobuz tracks to a Qobuz list, and see those additions appear in Roon. But starting today, you can make changes in Roon, and they’ll be relayed back to playlists on your streaming service. 

We’ve extended that capability by allowing you to add tracks to streaming lists from your local library or other streaming services. Want to add a few songs from your local files to a TIDAL list? Go for it! Roon will match those tracks with available content on TIDAL and then update the playlist in your streaming account. How about copying an entire playlist of tracks from mixed sources to Qobuz? No problem! Roon will ensure that the tracks are correctly located in Qobuz.

These improvements flex Roon’s deep knowledge of your music and metadata to deliver an incredibly agile and powerful playlist curation tool.

Playlists take the spotlight

Roon’s sidebar has been redesigned to make playlists more accessible. You can sort playlists in that menu like any other part of your library, or toggle the playlist sidebar off in Settings if playlists aren’t your thing. As always, Roon lets you customize your software experience to best meet your needs. 

Introducing playlist folders

The new playlist browser also includes folder organization – a long-standing request from our avid playlist curators. Playlist aficionados can now curate all the genre, mood, artist, era, theme (or any other) folders they’d like and organize them however they prefer. You can organize lists in top-level folders or nest folders within folders. The choice is yours.

playlist folders interface

We’ve also expanded access to family playlists by automatically creating a folder for each profile that has created playlists. If multiple listeners in your household make playlists, Roon will automatically make them available to everyone–say goodbye to digging for a favorite playlist in a different profile. 


Our latest release is packed with customer-requested features and enhancements that will significantly improve your listening experience. The addition of two-way playlist sync, improved playlist browsing, and playlist folder organization are just a few of the upgrades we have planned for this year. If you’re excited about these changes, you’ll be blown away by the team’s upcoming surprises!

We look forward to your feedback and will continue to prioritize our customer’s needs and interests as part of our commitment to ensuring you get the most satisfaction from your music collection in Roon.

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