22 Best Gifts for a Music Lover 2022

Gift buying can be overwhelming… Black Friday this, Cyber Monday that, products that all seem the same with features that sound like algebraic equations. With so many what to buy and when to buy options, it’s no wonder we close those tabs and shove cash into an envelope. But money isn’t personal, and you want to give a gift they will love. The Roon Store is here to help. Put those gift cards away and check out our guide featuring the best gifts for music lovers.

Let’s get started!

Meze Neo 99 headphones

Meze 99 NEO Headphones


A fresh take on the 99 series for the uptown audiophile, 99 NEO brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge style. They’re the perfect over-the-ear headphones. The ear cups are large and comfortable making them ideal for all-day listening. Plush memory foam padding provides noise cancellation for those times we need to block out distractions and focus. 99 NEO is the perfect music-lover gift at a great price. For more information please read our Meze 99 NEO Review.

AudioQuest DragonFly Portable DAC

$119.95 – $249.95

Whatever music turns you on, wherever you are, an AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC delivers inspiring, dynamic, and beautiful sound to earbuds, headphones, powered speakers, or complete audio systems. Simply plug DragonFly into any mobile or desktop setup to create an instant Hi-Res music listening system. These compact DACs feature integrated volume control, built-in MQA support and powerful headphone amps, making them the perfect starting point for any audiophile. At home or on the go, DragonFly has you covered for just about every need. Available in Black, Red, and Cobalt. For more information please read our AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt Review.

ifi go blu review

iFi GO blu Portable DAC


The GO blu portable HD DAC/amp is diminutive enough to take with you wherever you go. It gives best sound from wired but the convenience of wireless as you no longer need to have a cable connection to your smartphone. This HD Bluetooth DAC allows lets you take any Roon ARC, Apple Music, or Spotify song on the go. It even features a built-in microphone for calls and voice commands. All of this – and a 10 hour battery! For more information please read our iFi GO blu review.

ifi zen stream digital streamer

iFi Zen Stream


Beneath its classy exterior, the ZEN Stream is a technological streamer-de-force. It has one purpose – to send music simply from the Internet to your DAC with no loss of quality. The iFi Zen Stream is a Roon Ready bridge that provides instant wireless connectivity to any device with USB or S/PDIF inputs. It handles everything from MP3 to MQA, High-Res music up to 32/384 PCM plus DSD256, and takes just minutes to set up. That’s not all! It’s packed with iFi’s cutting-edge audio technology and a full range of streaming options, including TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, Spotify, YouTube Music, AirPlay, and Chromecast.

elac discovery z3 speaker

ELAC Discovery Z3 speaker


ELAC Discovery Z3 Wireless Speaker with 140 watts of powerful built-in amplification means all you do is plug it in and listen! The Z3 all-in-one speaker delivers huge sound in a small package, making it an ideal gift for music lovers. It’s the perfect upgrade for a kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere you want to enjoy music. Simply plug it in, connect it to the network, and start enjoying your music using Roon, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm AUX inputs.

bluesound pulse mini review audiophile gift for music lover

Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i Speaker


The Pulse Mini 2i is a powerful all-in-one speaker that produces more detailed audio than many rival players twice its size. Featuring freshly redesigned tweeters that expand the listening sweet spot, the Pulse Mini 2i has double the bass drivers and amp power, resulting in a true stereo performance. Compatible with almost every streaming service and high-resolution file format, the PULSE Mini 2i redefines what compact speakers can do by delivering a rich, dynamic performance no matter where you put it. An incredibly easy plug-and-play gift for the music lover in your life! For more information read our Bluesound Pulse Mini review.

Meze 99 classics

Meze 99 Classics Headphones


The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband make the 99 Classics an audio heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones. What better gift for the music lover in your life? For more information read our Meze 99 Classics review

Cambridge Audio dacmagic dac

Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M DAC


DacMagic 200M is Cambridge Audio’s first product to support MQA. MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers studio-quality sound in a file small enough to stream. The DacMagic can accommodate three wired digital sources plus Bluetooth while integrated into a system and still handle headphone duties. Build quality, fit, and finish are all typical top-tier Cambridge Audio caliber, as expected. For more information read our Cambridge Audio DacMagic Review

ifi xdsd gryphon review audiophile gift

iFi xDSD Gryphon Portable DAC


iFi xDSD Gryphon is an ultra-res portable balanced DAC & headphone amplifier. See the iFi option EISA named “Best Mobile DAC” for 2022-2023. The Gryphon is, to put it simply, a fantastic beast. With massive support for audio resolutions from 32 bit/768kHz PCM and MQA to DSD512, integrated Bluetooth streaming, and both balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs – this is a portable DAC that can do just about everything. From quiet, focused HiFi listening at home, to easy streaming during a commute, this the perfect gift for just about every music lover out there. For more information read our iFi xDSD Gryphon review

meze advar in ear monitors review audiophile gift for a music lover

Meze Advar Earbuds


High-quality earbuds are the best gift for the music lover on the go. Their size provides portability, comfort and performance. Reminiscent of a lustrous gem that transports you through a mystical folktale, ADVAR hides a powerful, detailed, lifelike sound behind a uniquely designed stainless steel chassis. A balanced blend of function and beauty, ADVAR is an IEM like no other. For more information read our Meze Advar review

BLuesound NODE hi res streamer black

Bluesound NODE Hi-Res music streamer


Renowned for exceptional performance and value, the NODE is the ultimate HiFi streamer that easily connects to any stereo system to help you discover a universe of audio streaming. With all the inputs and outputs to please the most ardent audiophile, the NODE connects your gear to all the music ever recorded. With built-in premium hi-res music services like Tidal®, Spotify®, and Qobuz®, as well as virtually all other popular music services, internet radio and even your own digital music library held on a computer or Roon Nucleus – the NODE brings infinite playback choices into your very own high fidelity sonic domain.

escape p6 air outdoor speaker review audiophile gift for music lover

Escape P6 Air Outdoor Speaker


The Escape P6 Air features a timeless weatherproof design combined with wireless capability to enjoy your favorite music anywhere you go. With a built-in carry handle and a rechargeable battery with up to 16 hours playback, every aspect of the P6 Air was purpose built for outdoor use. And thanks to the built-in Bluetooth receiver the P6 Air can be used in places without WI-FI reception. Available in tan, white, or black. For more information read our Escape P6 Air review

bluesound pulse review audiophile gift for music lover

Bluesound Pulse 2i Speaker


Designed to complement any décor, Bluesound’s Pulse speakers can easily fit into large or small living spaces, all the while providing outstanding musicality and bass output. Compatible with almost every streaming service and high-resolution file format, the Pulse 2i redefines what compact speakers can do by delivering rich, dynamic performance no matter where you put it. Available in black and white. For more information please read our Bluesound Pulse 2i review

chord mojo 2 review audiophile gift for music lover

Chord Electronics Mojo 2 Portable DAC


Mojo 2 is the most advanced pocket-sized DAC/headphone amplifier in the world. It plays your favorite music with class-leading detail and clarity up to studio-grade levels. The Mojo 2 can connect to systems of all sizes via optical, coaxial, Micro USB, and USB-C connections. And, when paired with Chord’s Poly streamer, it gains network streaming capability as well! For more information please read our Chord Mojo 2 review

chord electronics poly portable streamer

Chord Electronics Poly Streamer


Poly is a portable music streamer/player that combines with Mojo to wirelessly stream from connected devices. Poly gives you the flexibility to use your Mojo 2 around your home free of wires and can adapt for out-of-home use with 9 hours of battery life. It’s the perfect combination gift for music lovers looking for just a little bit more from their Chord Mojo experience. For more information please read our Chord Poly review

primare np5 prisma mk2

Primare NP5 Primsa MK2


Primare’s NP5 Prisma MK2 makes it easy to introduce streaming capabilities to any outboard DAC or other component with a digital input. Ready to integrate your Legacy gear into your setup; the NP5 Prisma MK2 makes it easy! It’s more than just a streamer; Prisma is a full suite of features reserved for Primare’s premium gear – at a fraction of the price. For more information, please read our Primare NP5 Prisma review.

Roon nucleus music server review audiophile gift for music lover

Roon Nucleus Music Server


The Nucleus music server is simply the best way to experience Roon. Store up to 10,000 albums (100,000 tracks) with multi-room streaming and up to 4TB SSD. Nucleus is built to provide a worry-free, turn-key, and highly reliable whole-home music system. This gift will be used daily for many years to come and guarantees top Roon performance. For more information please read our Roon Nucleus review.

Chord Hugo 2 silver and chord hugo 2 black

Chord Hugo 2 portable DAC


Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original. Designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems’ sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology and a host of other impressive sound processing features.

Chord hugo 2 portable dac and chord 2go streamer

Chord 2go streamer


2go is a high-performance streamer/server that transforms the Hugo 2 DAC into a fully featured Wi-Fi and Ethernet-enabled device with up to 4 TB of onboard music storage. Adding 2go to Hugo 2, creates the most sonically advanced compact music streamer available today. It’s internal battery delivers 10 hours of wireless music playback via Roon, Bluetooth, or Airplay. It’s the pinnacle on-the-go HiFi experience and a perfect gift for every music lover.

burson coductor 3xr reference dac

Burson Audio Conductor 3XR Reference DAC


Burson’s Conductor 3XR Reference is a fully balanced DAC, Pre-Amp, and Class-A headphone amp with a whopping 7.5 Watts of power. It features top-of-class audio components, dual mono DAC circuitry, future-proof audio format support, analog and digital inputs, plus multiple headphone output options for exceptional flexibility and premium sound quality in a compact package. The 3XR makes an ideal gift for the music lover who has everything! For more information, please read our Burson Audio review.

pair of devialet phantom 103db with treepod

Devialet Phantom I 103db

$2,300.00 single / $4,600 pair

Devialet’s Phantom I 103dB offers rich and clear sound in an elegant, compact performance-driven design. This striking setup shows a pair of Devialet Phantom I 103db on matching Treepod stands ($350 each). Phantom I 103dB may be the starting point in the Phantom I series, but don’t let that deceive you. Its detail, range, and impact are staggering for a speaker of its size. It works brilliantly as a standalone speaker, in stereo, or as part of a multiroom system. Available in White or Black; supports Wi-Fi, Airplay2 & Bluetooth.

dutch & dutch 8c

Dutch & Dutch 8c

$14,950.00 (pair)

The Dutch & Dutch 8c is an innovative active speaker handcrafted in the Netherlands. Fast becoming a top choice for mastering studios, the 8c uses a variety of new technologies that work together with the acoustics of your listening room to deliver extremely natural, detailed sound. These will quite possibly be the best speakers you have ever heard, even compared with full systems costing four times the price.