Transfer Your Playlists to TIDAL

Looking to make the switch to Roon + TIDAL? We know you may have years of groomed playlists in other services like Spotify, Qobuz, iTunes, etc., and that switching to a new platform can be cumbersome. Our friends at Soundiiz have built an all-in-one account manager for your music services, so accessing all of your playlists in Roon + TIDAL is just a few clicks away, not a few hours.

Roon + TIDAL

Roon’s TIDAL integration gives you access to TIDAL’s no-compromise music streaming, with millions of tracks in lossless quality at your fingertips. With Roon’s extended metadata on top of TIDAL’s collection, you can explore the connections in your library between artists, composers, producers, and more, making Roon + TIDAL the most powerful tool for music discovery.

If you’re not already a TIDAL member, make sure you sign up for a free trial.


Soundiiz is an all-in-one account manager for music lovers. It handles a large number of streaming music providers, bringing together all your playlists in a single interface. Stop wasting your time manually transferring playlists between streaming platforms, and let Soundiiz do the job instead.

Soundiiz supports the transfer of playlists between the following services, with more on the way:

iTunesApple Music
Google Play MusicYouTube
Hype MachineJamendo
Why use Soundiiz?

Without Soundiiz, transferring your playlists between streaming services is cumbersome, but more critically, it takes way too long. Copying track lists to a document, finding that music on your new streaming service, recreating the playlist, fixing errors — no thanks! You might want to use Soundiiz for a few of reasons:

  • You’ve amassed playlists in one streaming service, and you need to transfer those playlists to TIDAL
  • You want to transfer your iTunes playlists to TIDAL
  • You found a playlist in one streaming service, but it’s not available in TIDAL so you want to copy it over
  • You want to merge playlists across streaming platforms
How to transfer playlists

Transferring playlists to TIDAL with Soundiiz is simple:

  1. Create a Soundiiz account. You can sign up on the Soundiiz website
  2. Connect your streaming services, upload playlist files from iTunes, and Soundiiz will quickly show you all of your playlists:

  3. Manage your playlists: create, delete, merge, or import more playlists
  4. Transfer your playlists to TIDAL! Click the    button and follow the on screen instructions to move all of your playlists at once. Or to move a single playlist over to TIDAL at any time, use the convert button and choose TIDAL as your destination

We hope you find Soundiiz useful for managing your playlists! Be sure to sign up on their website at the link below.

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