Roon Partner Update: May 2023

It’s been an eventful month for us here at Roon! We’ve certified a very exciting anniversary products, highly capable network bridges, powerful DAPs, and some impressive AVRs. Whether you’re enjoying some serious HiFi at home or jamming on an international flight, chances are this update is for you. Let’s get this show on the road! 

For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Sony – STR-AN1000, STR-AZ1000ES, STR-AZ3000ES, STR-AZ5000ES, STR-AZ7000ES – Roon Tested

Sony - STR-AN1000, STR-AZ1000ES, STR-AZ3000ES, STR-AZ5000ES, STR-AZ7000ES - Roon Tested

There’s a lot to be excited about in the latest AVRs that Sony has arriving this Spring. From efficient 7.2 channel home theater solutions all the way to impressive 13.2 channel powerhouses, there’s no doubt that there’s a perfect resolution ready to bring 8K video and High-Res listening to your system. Thanks to certified Roon Tested streaming via AirPlay, convenient controls for a myriad of inputs and outputs, including HDMI 2.1, an FM tuner, even support for Sony’s wireless rear satellite speakers, all in place to make bringing the theater into your home that much more convenient. 

Platin – Stereo Hub- Roon Ready

Platin - Stereo Hub- Roon Ready

The Stereo Hub is a capable and discreet network bridge that’s designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing Platin network listening system. With inputs ranging from HDMI ARC, USB and Optical, all the way to traditional analog inputs, this is the best and easiest way to adapt your whole home setup for streamlined and modern streaming. With support for resolutions up to PCM 24/192kHz, and streaming support for Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and of course, Roon Ready. Don’t miss this capable streaming solution for your Platin system! 

Astell & Kern – SR35- Roon Ready

The SR35 is a robust digital audio player encased in a beautifully designed chassis, perfectly situated to be the ideal solution for your mobile listening needs. With battery life that reaches 20 hours of continuous playback, two-way Bluetooth, a high-gain for harder to drive headphones and a powerful Cirrus Logic quad-DAC chip to back it all up, Astell&Kern have established a real winner for streaming on the go. Native Roon Ready streaming makes accessing your entire music library a snap, and cementing this DAP as one to consider next time you need music on the go. 

Bluesound – NODE X – Roon Ready

Bluesound - NODE X - Roon Ready

To celebrate ten years of HiFi streaming excellence, Bluesound has announced the limited edition NODE X, a network DAC and bridge based on the award winning NODE. With a highly capable headphone amplifier, an eye-catching new color scheme, and all of the familiar features that make the NODE already great, this is a victory lap from the team at Bluesound that we’re proud to include in the Roon Ready family. Thanks to streaming integrations with just about every music platform you can imagine and a massive selection of outputs on deck, this is the perfect all-in-one home for your music streaming needs. 

AVM – EVOLUTION MP 5.3/ 3.3, EVOLUTION PAS 5.3/3.3 – Roon Ready

AVM - EVOLUTION MP 5.3/ 3.3, EVOLUTION PAS 5.3/3.3 - Roon Ready

AVM has brought some truly impressive HiFi players to the table this spring in their EVOLUTION lineup, each proudly showcasing Roon Ready streaming with high resolution format support that will be a compliment to any home stereo system. Featuring the ability to play ultra-HiRes files all the way up to PCM 32/384kHz and DSD256, you and your system likely won’t be needing anything more. Choose from the EVOLUTION MP 3.3 or 5.3 and you’ll be treated to an impressively crafted CD player alongside all of that streaming prowess, while the EVOLUTION PAS 3.3 and 5.3 focus on immaculately delivering your streaming experience with specially designed multichannel playback support as icing on the cake. 

AVM – CS 30.3 – Roon Ready

AVM - AVM30  AS 30.3, CS 30.3, MP 30.3 & PAS 30.3 - Roon Ready

AVM is also introducing an exciting new streaming amplifier this month, the CS 30.3 which arrives featuring Roon Ready streaming. This all-in-one integrated amplifier will easily cement itself as the central piece of any stereo system you connect it to. Crafted with attention to detail, this amplifier offers more than just exceptional audio quality. The AVM RoomConneXion® multiroom function allows you to enjoy synchronized music in multiple rooms, while its capable internal DAC offers support for PCM files up to 24/192kHz and DSD256, with inputs that include HDMI ARC, USB, Toslink, and Coax. Thanks to various streaming integrations, such as Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Tidal Connect, and streaming radio, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and access to a vast library of songs right at your fingertips. No matter your specific listening need, chances are AVM has the right solution for you.

FiiO M15S – Roon Ready

FiiO M15S - Roon Ready

When FiiO was designing the M15S digital audio player, they absolutely didn’t hold anything back. Starting with the flagship ESS9038PRO DAC chip, you can see an intense desire to ensure this DAP will impress, especially as you note the powerful Qualcomm 660 chipset and the impressive high-performance built-in headphone amplifier. Integrated Roon Ready streaming and access to Android apps make choosing your preferred streaming solution easy, and when it comes to streaming on-the-go, there’s nothing better than ease and simplicity.