Roon Partner Update: February 2022

Throughout February, we released four Roon Ready devices from audio heavy weights Sonus Faber, Thrax Audio and Waversa.

For a full list of our partner brands and every Roon Ready and Roon Tested device, visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Sonus Faber Omnia 
Roon Ready

We welcomed our first ever Sonus Faber device to the Roon family last month. 

The Omnia is a certified Roon Ready all-in-one wireless speaker; boasting Sonus Faber’s prestigious heritage in music reproduction, brought into a beautiful frame that can adapt to any environment. 

In addition to its elegant design, the Omnia features the tactile SENSO touch panel on its top for precise control of your music as it plays. The SENSO panel is complimented by a remote as well as Sonus Faber’s own app, making access to the Omnia’s many music playback inputs a breeze. The CRESCENDO technology allows Omnia to produce an immersive three-dimensional soundscape, no matter where it’s placed in a room. 

Omnia features streaming integration for a host of services via Ethernet and WiFi, an HDMI port, and an analog port with MM phono support.

Thrax Audio Maximinus and Enyo 
Roon Ready

Thrax Audio has released their first devices to the Roon Ready family with the Maximinus and Enyo. 

Enyo heralds as a Roon Ready integrated amplifier, featuring a Thrax designed and built tube amplifier stage with built in auto biasing, guaranteeing both quality performance and ease of use. 

The Enyo is capable of putting out 50W of analog power to any system, with the utmost care and effort poured into each aspect of how the amplifier has been engineered and constructed.

Streaming capabilities are handled via LAN connection (featuring Roon Ready streaming) or Bluetooth, and other inputs include USB, balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA analogue connections, along with an MM and MC phono stage. 

Maximinus features a high-end, in-house designed and custom built R2R ladder DAC with DSD capabilities, bringing the whole package for your digital-to-analog audio conversion needs. 

Thrax has put special effort into designing the output and clock stages of the Maximinus, bringing a fantastic signal-to-noise ratio, low noise floor, and accurate musical timing directly to your ears no matter the source.

Speaking of sources, Maximinus features 6 inputs, including balanced XLR and unbalanced analogue connections, LAN network connectivity for Roon Ready streaming, as well as coaxial, USB, optical and AES/EBU digital inputs.

Waversa WSlim Pro
Roon Ready

The WSlim Pro is Waversa’s 16th device to be added to the Roon family and it is Roon Ready. 

The WSlim Pro is an all-in-one amplifier, designed to be the direct successor to the well received and much loved WSlim Lite. The WSlim’s thin, precision machined case guarantees a very adaptable package that can fit into any set up, large or small.

Engineered for low-latency music playback while simultaneously giving fantastic measured performance, the WSlim Pro offers a breathtakingly low noise floor and stellar signal processing no matter the music source. 

Don’t worry about your ultra Hi-Res music library, the WSlim Pro can handle 32/384kHz and DSD256 files with ease. Input options on offer are Ethernet and USB, with Roon Ready streaming, UPnP and DLNA support built in.