Roon Partner Update: December 2023

Welcome to our latest monthly update, where we’re thrilled to introduce a fresh lineup of Roon Ready devices, designed to enhance your audio experience. This month, we’re featuring an exciting array of high-fidelity components including 2 cutting-edge preamps, 2 dynamic DACs, an integrated amp offering the perfect blend of power and precision, and 2 versatile bridges to seamlessly connect your digital and audio worlds. Each of these devices has been meticulously crafted for optimal performance, ensuring seamless integration with Roon’s ecosystem for a superior listening experience. Let’s explore these innovative additions and how they can transform your audio setup.

Primare PRE35 and SC15  – Roon Ready 

Primare PRE35 is now roon ready

Touting an exquisite Scandinavian design alongside impressive versatility and performance, the Primare PRE35 and SC15 are an exciting set of additions to the Roon Ready family. Built around Primare’s modular upgrade system, you’ll never need to wonder what your system would be like with the perfect set of inputs – you can easily make the change all on your own! With the Prisma module, both the PRE35 and SC15 each offer an impressive suite of supported streaming options, including Roon Ready streaming, AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and even Bluetooth. These streaming preamplifiers are a perfect way to bring beautiful elegance to your favorite HiFi system.

Primare SC15 is now roon ready

SFORZATO DSP-05EX and DSP-07EX – Roon Ready

Sforzato DSP-05EX is Roon Ready

The Sforzato DSP-07EX and DSP-05EX are new Roon Ready streaming DACs that boast a huge sense of potential. Thanks to high-end ESS ES9038Pro DAC chips on board, your DSP unit from Sforzato not only brings an impressive set of streaming capabilities, but they also provide reference quality analog output to boot. You’ll be equipped to enjoy your music via UPnP, DLNA, and of course, Roon Ready streaming. You can easily connect the components from your system via USB, or to the balanced and unbalanced analog outputs featured on each device. For those who are looking for an elegant and expertly engineered HiFi streaming solution for their system, the Sforzato DSP-07EX and DSP-05EX are highly worth considering.

Sforzato DSP-07EX is Roon Ready

sonoro – Maestro Quantum – Roon Ready

sonoro Maestro Quantum is now Roon Ready

We’re excited to announce the MAESTRO Quantum from Sonoro is now Roon Ready. This is a spectacular all-in-one integrated amplifier that brings simplicity and capability together for your favorite listening system. Thanks to an onboard MM phono input, built-in CD player, and a host of digital and analog inputs, the MAESTRO Quantum is nearly everything one can imagine needing, all in a single amplifier.

HiFi Rose – RS130 – Roon Ready 

HiFi Rose - RS130 - Roon Ready

From first glance at its all aluminum, acoustically damped, heat dissipating enclosure, you’ll recognize that the HiFi Rose RS130 is a beautiful and highly focused Roon Ready streamer that begs for a spot among your favorite components. Behind its impressive full-width LCD screen, the RS130 features an integrated linear power supply and enough connectivity options to suit any audiophile’s needs. With coaxial S/PDIF, AES/EBU, TOSLINK, I2S, USB, and even HDMI audio outputs, it’s hard to imagine a situation that the RS130 can’t adapt to. When it comes to music streaming, you can take advantage of this streamer’s onboard storage, or use HiFi Rose’s convenient app with integrations for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Apple Music and of course Roon Ready streaming all in one place. This compact and powerful network bridge could be the perfect upgrade for just about every audiophile’s favorite HiFi setup.

Matrix Audio element S  – Roon Ready 

Matrix Audio element S is now Roon Ready

This element S is the first network bridge from Matrix Audio to feature dedicated USB DAC outputs. Thanks to a wide collection of digital output ports, including USB, optical, coaxial, and AES/EBU, the element S seamlessly integrates with just about any DAC available, making it the perfect upgrade for those looking to embrace the world of streaming audio. This device readily delivers high-resolution PCM ( up to 32/768kHz) or DSD (up to DSD512) audio data with bit-perfect precision. All of this capability is managed by the robust MA Player app, putting Roon Ready streaming, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, AirPlay 2 and more right at your fingertips. This could be the perfect way to bring simplicity, versatility, and exceptional sound quality to your existing DAC or listening setup.

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