Roon Partner Update: April 2023

We’ve been busy this month here at Roon! Tons of new and exciting products to highlight, from DIY DAC solutions to music servers, speakers, and amps.

Our partners have something for just about everyone, no matter what type of audiophile or hobbyist you may be. Time to check these components out! 
For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.

Rotel – P5 Series 2, X3 Series 2 & X5 Series 2 – Roon Tested

Rotel P5 Series 2 is Roon Tested

A big update has just been released from our friends at Rotel, who are bringing the latest in their developments to their Michi series lineup. This includes the P5 Series 2 preamp, and the X3 Series 2 and X5 Series 2 integrated amplifiers. These are some seriously capable devices, packaged in beautiful hardware that would be at home in any system. 

Rotel X3 Series 2 is Roon Tested

The P5 Series 2 is a specially crafted preamplifier built specifically to compliment other components in the Michi lineup, or high-end power amplifiers already in your system. The X3 Series 2 is a capable 350 watt integrated amplifier with connectivity and prowess to spare, while the X5 Series 2 is the flagship integrated amp, boasting an incredible 600 watts per channel of output. Each of these devices in Rotel’s Michi series offer fantastic Hi-Res capabilities, with support for resolutions up to 32bit/768kHz PCM, and inputs that cover just about any need, from Phono to USB to optical and fully-balanced XLR. Any of these impressive components from Rotel could be an excellent compliment to your favorite listening setup. 

Rotel X5 Series 2 is Roon Tested

Orchard Audio PecanPi – Roon Tested

Orchard Audio PecanPi are roon tested

The perfect finishing touch for any Raspberry Pi DIY streamer, Orchard Audio has nailed the basics when it comes to delivering an affordable, high quality digital audio experience for audiophiles everywhere. Integrated dual flagship Burr-Brown (TI) PCM1794A DAC chips give reliable and exciting acoustic performance, and support for Hi-Res files up to 24/192kHz. For anyone looking to complete their own all-in-one streaming project, this is the perfect DAC for you. 

Orchard Audio PecanPi+ – Roon Tested

Orchard Audio’s flagship Raspberry Pi oriented DAC, the PecanPi+ builds on the fundamentals found in its sibling, packing an even bigger punch. Using the AKM AK4499EXEQ chip and AK4191EQ ΔΣ Modulator, this DAC offers spectacular performance, easily managing Hi-Res files all the way up to 24/192kHz. This is among the best of DIY streaming solutions available, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy it as a capable compliment to your next handmade HiFi project.

McIntosh MDA200 – Roon Tested 

McIntosh MDA200 is now Roon Tested

We’re excited to announce that the McIntosh MDA200 is now Roon Tested! This cutting-edge device delivers high-performance digital-to-analog conversion and amplification, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in stunning clarity and detail.

The MDA200 features McIntosh’s proprietary Digital Engine, which uses a powerful quad-core digital signal processing engine to support high-resolution PCM and DSD files, as well as MQA decoding. It also includes McIntosh’s iconic amplifier technology, delivering 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 320 watts per channel into 4 ohms, with a total harmonic distortion of 0.005%.

The MDA200 offers a variety of input options, including USB, coaxial, and optical, and can be controlled using the front-panel touch screen or via the McIntosh iOS app. With its superb sound quality and a versatile featureset, the McIntosh MDA200 is a must-have for any serious music lover.

Sound Machine SMC-5800 and SMC-5820 – Roon Ready

Sound Machine smc 5800 is roon ready

Introducing the newest addition to the Roon Ready family of speakers, Sound Machine. Both the SMC-5800 and SMC-5820 offer Roon Ready streaming for perfect integration with your existing listening system, and in the case of the SMC-5800, inputs like HDMI e-ARC, S/PDIF coaxial, analog and USB bring a wide spread of easy ways to hear your music and movies. The SMC-5820 brings powerful and super compact performance, with additional inputs that include Bluetooth, Aux-in, and USB. Each of these speakers are a great new piece to bring to your favorite Roon Ready home set up, and can make whole home listening that much more convenient.

Melco N50 and Melco N1- Roon Ready

Melco N50 is Roon Ready

With a strong reputation for building capable and high-performance network servers for music, it should be no surprise that Melco’s N50 and flagship N1 models are spectacular examples of what a server can be. The N50 features a full-size chassis and a 3.84TB SSD for music storage, with 4 USB ports for connectivity, you’ll be able to bring Roon Ready streaming to any of your favorite USB DACs and easily store your whole library at the same time. 

Melco N1 is Roon Ready

The N1 is Melco’s top of the line model, with a specially crafted aluminum enclosure and isolated IEC power supply, nothing is left untouched – ensuring this server is always performing at its absolute best. With a carefully selected 3.84TB SSD, 4 USB ports, and ethernet connections specially set on exclusive circuitry, this is a top-notch addition to your very best listening system. 

Dela N50 – Roon Ready 

Dela N50 is Roon Ready

This high-performance network server from Dela is designed to give you a storage solution that’s custom tailored to your needs. With 4 USB ports, connecting your favorite DAC or music storage hardware to the N50 is a cinch. As you evaluate your music library needs, you can choose whether your N50 has a 2TB SSD or up to a whopping 6TB of HDD storage built in, all while supporting additional storage as needed. This is a spectacular network server that’s a great fit for any audiophile looking to upgrade their storage game. 

Lumin U2 – Roon Ready

Lumin U2 is Roon Ready

The brand-new LUMIN U2 brings a huge spread of upgrades from its predecessor, including chassis construction methods, linear power supply design and dual-network from its bigger sibling, the award-winning LUMIN P1. With careful consideration put into each and every component found throughout the U2, this very well could be the ultimate Roon Ready network streamer for your next system. This transport supports resolutions up to DSD512 and PCM 32/768kHz, and can stream from services such as TIDAL, TuneIn, and Qobuz. The U2 also includes a large suite of outputs, such as USB, TOSLINK optical, coaxial S/PDIF, and AES/EBU. When completing a high-end listening system, this very well could be your final stop for network streaming. 

For a full list of our partner brands – and every device that works with Roon – visit our Partners page on the Roon website.