Introducing MUSE: Precision Audio Control on the go

Muse precision audio control for roon arc

MUSE is the new name for Roon’s sound engine and audio processing suite. And now MUSE has landed in ARC – with bold styling and sound quality never before seen or heard in a mobile music app! 

MUSE delivers the precision audio control of Roon when you’re on the go or running a streamlined, portable setup from your phone. It’s also one of the most anticipated and highly requested enhancements to ARC’s feature set. We’re excited to pack even more of Roon into ARC, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy what you see and hear in MUSE.

The evolution of mobile audio signal processing has arrived 

Bringing MUSE to ARC has been quite an exhilarating journey. When we designed ARC, we created a list of high-level benchmarks to strive for. It included a bold new vision for mobile audio signal processing. 

Like many of you, we were underwhelmed by the bland and clunky sound-processing apps we had seen. So we decided to reimagine on-the-go audio control with these goals in mind: 

  • Make a bold design statement
  • Retain the sonic purity of Roon
  • Optimize signal processing for a mobile landscape
  • And make the graphic interface fun, easy, and enjoyable to use

With today’s update, we’ve delivered on those aims and more. 

MUSE features artful design ergonomics, and sound quality unmatched by any other music app. It places radically unique EQ handling, enhanced balance control, volume leveling, crossfeed, DSD support, sample rate conversion, and more in the palm of your hand. And, like the similarly named goddesses of classic mythology, MUSE inspires and invites curiosity and creativity. 

Sound shaping for every sonic need

Sometimes our music needs something extra depending on the source file, setting, or use scenario. Maybe your IEMs get a little bass heavy on the treadmill, or road noise colors your grooves with too much rumble. Or, you may want to bump up that bass, add a little air and sparkle to the mix, create a punchy center channel when listening to older hard-panned stereo recordings in headphones, or upsample music to match your portable DAC’s full capabilities. No worries, MUSE has you covered. 

Throughout MUSE, we’ve provided precision controls that let you perfect your sound, then save and apply customized presets with a few clicks. To get started, simply press the MUSE sound wave icon on the ARC home or now-playing screens.

Enhanced equalization UI for a new era

Equalization is one of the most popular sound-shaping features in Roon, and it’s taken a giant leap forward in MUSE for ARC. If you’ve never used EQ much in the past, MUSE’s highly interactive controls will change that! 

MUSE precision audio control for roon arc

Select a filter type from the drop-down menu, then use one of three methods to dial in EQ. Press and drag to adjust the frequency and gain, use the control wheel, or enter settings manually for greater precision. Fair warning, the wheel is highly addictive!

Crossfeed, Volume Leveling, and Balance controls are similarly optimized with press and drag sliders. Or you can enter your preferences manually for more granular control. 

MUSE knows your gear

Device-specific customization of sample rate, DSD, MQA, and more are instantly at your fingertips. To set up or edit your device settings, press the gear icon on the MUSE page.

Muse precision audio control for roon arc

To top it all off, MUSE automatically remembers your previous settings when you reconnect a known device. Or you can choose from one of your saved presets instead. 

ARC’s signal path display provides complete transparency for MUSE audio processing. Now you can access the signal path from several locations in ARC, the now playing screen, the MUSE main page, or any of MUSE’s individual settings pages. 


MUSE brings a new level of audio control to ARC with unmatched sound quality and a fun, easy-to-use interface. With exciting features like EQ handling, balance control, volume leveling, and DSD support, MUSE has everything you need to perfect your sound on the go. 

MUSE Precision Audio Control – a new era of mobile audio sound processing has arrived. And it’s only available in ARC.