ARC Connectivity Improvements

When we implemented a range of improvements to Roon and ARC a few weeks ago, we assured you we’d follow up again after reviewing your comments on those changes. As promised, we’re back today with another batch of targeted ARC fixes based on your feedback and our analytics insights.

Our latest release further improves ARC with work in the following areas:

  • ARC connectivity improvements
  • Improved behavior with IPv6 addresses
  • In-app connectivity diagnostics
  • Port forwarding enhancements
  • Additional Roon Server performance enhancements

Connection detection, activate

Based on your answers to the customer survey and more recent feedback, we know connectivity problems are the main reason why some folks aren’t using ARC. So, we launched a project to resolve those issues.

We started by reviewing your reports to identify common issues. Then, we added new diagnostic and analytics tools to help us pinpoint what’s going wrong when connectivity problems occur. The analytics data helped us identify and resolve specific code faults related to ARC connectivity. Over the last few releases, we’ve made a series of highly targeted incremental improvements that have significantly reduced the number of issues we’ve tracked based on your feedback. 

We’ve seen exciting synergy around the changes we’ve made thus far. Since the beginning of this project two months ago, we’ve seen a steep drop in ARC connection issues. These changes have also improved IPv6 connectivity errors, reduced port forwarding snags, and facilitated additional server performance enhancements – all aimed at enhancing your experience with ARC.  

While combing your feedback we learned you’d like more visibility into ARC’s connection status. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new diagnostic display to provide that. Check out the ARC settings page just under your sign-in information. You’ll find new status indicators that provide more insight into your ARC connection.   

These combined changes have delivered significant gains on the connection woes we’ve tracked based on your feedback. The diagnostic tools we implemented revealed several snags that we’ve successfully fixed. But rest assured, we’re still on the case. Our engineers will continue to monitor analytics data and your feedback to further refine ARC’s performance as part of our ongoing effort to resolve these issues.


If you’ve experienced difficulty using ARC in the past, we encourage you to give it another try now. If you’re among those who sampled ARC when it was first released and haven’t revisited it since, you’re really missing out! It’s come a long way since then! ARC is the only way to take all your favorite music, Roon’s best features, MUSE, Smart Downloads, and many other app exclusives with you wherever you go.

This release introduces a number of upgrades that make enjoying ARC a more seamless experience. Your feedback has been instrumental in delivering these ongoing fixes and will continue to help guide our development efforts. 

We’re grateful for your help and remain committed to ensuring that Roon meets your needs and expectations and continues to provide the most enjoyable and immersive music listening experience available. As always, we thank you for being part of the Roon community!

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